Vancouver Campus Academic Calendar

The Vancouver Campus operates on a trimester system, with academic terms in the Fall, Spring and Summer. The Fall and Spring Trimesters are 15 weeks long and the Summer Trimester is 12 weeks long. A normal 3 credit course will have 45 contact hours during a trimester.

The Vancouver campus operates on a continuous intake system and students can begin in any one of the trimesters.   The summer trimester is an optional term and is considered a regular scheduled break in the Academic Calendar.

At the end of each trimester, there will be an exam period, and a special schedule will be posted for exams. Prior to the exam schedule, Reading and Make Up days will be scheduled after the last day of scheduled classes. Classes which are missed because of a Statutory Holiday or an official campus closure will be re-scheduled during these days.

Students are expected to ensure that they make arrangements to arrive in time for the start of an academic term and to attend classes regularly. Students are also expected to be available until the end of the final day of the exam week. This should be taken into consideration when making any travel plans. The University does not make special arrangements for exams or late arrivals to accommodate travel arrangements.

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