Restaurant Guide

Student, faculty and staff choices for dining in Vancouver

If you are a first time visitor to Vancouver you are in for a culinary treat…from five star restaurants to fast and fresh ethnic sit-down locations to food shops where you can stand and eat or take out, the city is a gastronomic delight.

Returning Vancouver visitors and natives have their own favorites for the freshest Pacific seafood, whether downtown or at the waterfront; Canadian beef in the downtown area or suburbs; or exotic foods from Asia or the Middle or Far East.

Fairleigh Dickinson University’s FDU-Vancouver has been part of Vancouver for more than three years. The University opened its Vancouver campus for international students from the Pacific Rim, Europe, Asia and South America. Altogether, some 200 students from 28 countries are studying there, with an international faculty and staff, towards undergraduate degrees in business and technology. FDU is the largest private University in New Jersey, with more than 12,000 students on two campuses. Its first international campus, Wroxton College, in England, opened in 1965 and welcomes undergraduates each semester to study under the British tutorial method.

FDU-Vancouver students are like students everywhere — on a budget. They want good food 24/7 at a reasonable cost. And students always have been the best for finding traditional and ethnic foods at the most reasonable prices. The FDU-Vancouver community — from NAFSA conference participants to FDU-Vancouver students, faculty and staff — have 10 restaurant suggestions for you to consider on your visit, from stand-up street food to sit-down specials.

We hope you enjoy our suggestions.


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