PAS Wroxton College Retreat

Development Program for Professional Administrative Staff Members

Wroxton College


Professional Development Description

The Office of Global Learning in consultation with the Executive Council of the Professional Administrative Senate, the Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, and the Dean of Wroxton College created a professional development program on multicultural and international awareness for FDU PAS staff members.

As the University strives to make good on its global mission, this program will help develop the skills and sensitivities needed to work effectively at an institution with more than 12,000 students representing 92 countries within our global learning environment. It will also improve students’ experiences. The Wroxton program will consist of a number of workshops related to globalization, international students, immigration and diversity issues. Program participants will be asked to prepare a presentation for the PAS attendees. A day or two may be devoted to visiting local near-by universities, where staff members would have the opportunity to learn and share with their international counterparts. The program might also include excursions to other areas of interest and a free day in London. The program is designed as professional development and will have a rigorous application and selection process.

Housing and Costs

Airfare, room and board for those employees participating will be underwritten by the University. If employees wish to travel with spouse/partner they will be responsible for the cost of round-trip transportation to England for the spouse/partner (room and board for spouse/partner will be underwritten by the University). Anyone attending this program must be 18 years of age or older. Space is limited for non-employees. NO EMPLOYEES will be excused from the professional development sessions.

Application Process

If you wish to apply, you must be a Professional Staff member of FDU in good standing who has not attended past PAS Retreats at Wroxton, must be a full-time employee, and must have completed at least three years of service with the University at the time of application.

If you think this is something you wish to pursue and have further questions, please contact the PAS President or Vice President for more information.

To apply, please complete the following: 1) PAS member application; 2) submit a one page essay discussing how this opportunity will enhance your knowledge and contributions to our Fairleigh Dickinson University community, 3) proposed outline of your 30 minute presentation.

Applications will be considered on a first-come basis and evaluated based on the following criteria: years of service, completed essay, presentation outline, and participation in previous PAS events. In addition, it will be a priority for the PAS Executive Committee to assemble a diverse group of participants from various departments. Ten professional staff members from the University will be selected.

Trips are held on odd numbered years. The 2015 trip will depart the US on Friday, July 10, arriving in England on Saturday July 11, and will depart on Saturday, July 18.

The deadline to apply is Monday, December 15, 2014 at 5:00 PM.


The 2015 Retreat Participants:

PAS Wroxton 2015 attendees

The 2013 Retreat Participants:

 PAS 2013 Wroxton Participants

The 2012 Retreat Participants:

 PAS 2012 Wroxton Participants

The 2011 Retreat Participants:

PAS 2011 Wroxton Participants

The 2010 Retreat Participants:

PAS 2010 Wroxton Participants





Praise from past participants:


"It is a very worthwhile program for professional staff development."


"A highlight of my FDU career ... a wonderful way to grow personally and professionally."

"It was an experience of a lifetime."

"This retreat gave me the chance to get to know ... members of the FDU community that I would never have gotten a chance to meet."

"I cannot understand why our students aren't crowding one another at lining up for this fantastic experience!"

"A thought-provoking investigation of meaning on what is/makes 'a global education' or 'a global citizen'."