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What does PAS mean?

The PAS is the Professional Administrative Senate.

Is the PAS a union?

No, the PAS does not have the legal function of a bargaining unit, which can make contractual agreements with the University. However, it does “represent” professional staff in the sense that it articulates their interests to the rest of the University, especially to senior management.

Am I a member?

Membership in PAS is open to all full time, exempt professional and administrative personnel who are not eligible to participate in a bargaining unit recognized by the University. Individuals who hold tenure or faculty status are not eligible even if they also have administrative roles assigned. Individuals who have the ability to negotiate their own employment contracts (typically at Vice President level) are also ineligible for PAS membership.

How many members are there in the PAS ?

There are approximately 525 PAS members.

Who runs the PAS?

The PAS is governed by a 12 person Exeutive Council.

Is the PAS Senate the twelve person governing body?

No, the Senate is the whole membership. The governing body is an Executive Council.

Who comprises the Executive Council?

  • President

  • Vice President

  • Secretary/Treasurer

  • 6 Senators – 3 from each campus

  • 2 Speakers – 1 from each campus

What are the recent accomplishments of the PAS addressed to senior management?

  • Special payment of 2.5% of base salary (FY ’15-’16)

  • Salary equalization

  • Free Fitness Center membership

  • Bereavement policy change from 3 to 5 days

  • Computer training

  • A free 'welcome' lunch for new employees, with a PAS member host

How often are meetings?

Generally there are 2 meetings in the fall and 2 meetings in the spring. More meetings may be added onto the schedule depending if urgent issues need to be discussed or interesting topics and workshops to benefit PAS members become available.

If I cannot attend a meeting how can I gain information regarding that meeting?

You can contact any Executive Council member and they will be able to assist you obtaining handouts or literature. You can visit the website to read the minutes from the meeting you missed.

Why is attendance at meetings important?

Being an active PAS member only benefits you. You may bring up any topic you would like discussed at a General PAS meeting with constituents. PAS meetings create valuable opportunities for dialogue amongst the PAS community. If there are any questions you would like to raise with Senior Management the PAS meetings are the perfect forum to do so or share highlights with our constituents. The meetings are also an opportunity to gather other people’s perspectives regarding your questions.

The PAS holds valuable informational lectures and workshops which benefit all PAS members. We have general information sessions with Human Resources and the President’s office. You can hear firsthand what the University is planning and working on from senior management directly. Communication is always important. All speakers are open to answer all your questions.

The PAS in conjunction with the University runs a trip to Wroxton for professional development. Airfare, room and board for those employees participating will be underwritten by the University. This trip is run for PAS members in good standing only. Attendance and participation at general PAS meetings and activities are considered by the review committee.

How can I get a speaker or topic approved for a PAS meeting?

You can contact any Executive Council member or use the Questions and Comments form. The form will be sent directly to the President of the PAS and it will be discussed at future Executive Council meeting.

What events or committees can I look forward to joining with the PAS?

PAS is looking forward to branching out and adding more committees for constituents to join. We need your input and ideas to better serve our PAS community and strengthen the organization.

What committees are there and how can I join them?

There are several committees under the PAS Constitution which are:

  • Elections Committee

  • Policy Review & Development Committee

  • Program Committee

  • Resolutions of Difference Committee

Throughout the year there may be various other committees that are formed for specific occurrences.

Where can I find a schedule of the upcoming meetings?

You can find a schedule of meetings at the PAS Events webpage.

How can I get on the Executive Council?

General elections for all twelve positions on the Executive Council are held during odd-numbered years, with nominations (of you and/or by others) opened by notification to the general membership at least two months before the general election.