Minutes of the Most Recent Executive Council Meeting

PAS Executive Council Meeting

September 22, 2014 10:00 am – 12:00 pm


Call to Order / Attendance

                The meeting was called to order at 10:20 a.m.

Present:   Sarah Azavedo, Joe Brancone , Liz Dikovics, Jennifer Dize, Ralph Knapp, Karen Lewis

Excused:  Susan Boisnier, Ruben Flores , Sanaa Hindeleh, Paula Mensch,  Ryan Stalgaitis

Approval of Minutes

Minutes from the May 2, 2014 meeting were reviewed and accepted as presented.

President’s Report

  • University Planning and Budget Committee: Enrollment is good; we have our largest freshman and international student groups ever. The FY’14 budget closeout is being finalized. President Drucker will be pushing for an approximate 3.5% salary increase using surplus money from unfilled positions and other cutbacks

Officer Reports

  • New Hires: Sarah Azavedo reported that Council members will be contacting new hires to take them to the introductory lunch.

Old Business

  • Employee Development: The first set of employee development workshops received very good feedback. Additional workshops will be planned.
  • PAS Member participation at events has improved during the past year.

New Business

  • Events: Speakers for the remaining 2014 events have been scheduled.
  • Wroxton Retreat: The retreat is currently on schedule for 2015. The application process will be opened once exact dates are confirmed.
  • Spring 2015 Speakers: A discussion on potential speakers for 2015 included the new Associate VP of Finance, and HR update on Medical changes, International Admissions & Enrollment, and the new Silberman College Dean, Michael Avaltroni discussing the Pharmacy school expansion and plans.
  • 2015 Elections: The elections process for the 2015-2017 Executive Council will be starting soon. The new Council will take office in summer.

Round Table Discussion

  • The University Strategic Plan is moving from a 3-year model to a 5-year model to allow more time to accomplish planned goals. More information will be provided in October.
  • A Metro Social Event is being planned for early November.
  • The University has an “FDU App” and also uses the Trumba web calendar for event notifications. The PAS should consider putting its events on Trumba.
  • The University’s new Speaker Series could be used both as a recruitment tool and for strengthening alumni relations. Sales for the Speaker Series have been good.


The meeting was adjourned at 11:10 am.