Professional Administrative Senate

Purpose of the PAS:

"The P.A.S. shall exist for the purpose of representing the professional and administrative personnel of Fairleigh Dickinson University. The Senate shall have the functions of:

  1. Providing a forum for the development of professional and administrative programs and services;
  2. Providing a means for the articulation of specific professional interests and needs within the University."

"Membership in the P.A.S. shall be open to all full-time exempt employees and administrative personnel who work a normal workweek of 35 hrs. for nine, ten, eleven, or twelve months during the year and are not eligible to participate in any bargaining unit recognized by the University. Individuals who hold tenure or faculty status or have the ability to negotiate their own contracts are ineligible for P.A.S. membership."

PAS Accomplishments

The PAS has been responsible for or involved in many changes in our effort to make FDU an "Employer of Choice," including:

  • Reinstating the PAS Wroxton Trip, including airfare
  • Same Sex Domestic Partnership Benefits
  • Bereavement policy change from 3 days to 5 days
  • Increased FDU Professional Development Workshops
  • Improved Resolution of Differences procedure
  • Sick/Personal/Vacation tracking (available via WebAdvisor)
  • Gourmet Dining - providing a free lunch for new employees
  • Family Leave Policy (employees can put banked time toward their leave)
  • Salary Equalization (clear commitment to move PAS members to higher salaries)
  • Across the board raises every year (when financially possible)