Office Directory

Office of the President

Capuano, Christopher
201-692-7100 (H-DH1-03) [profile]
President -- Office of the President
Peter J. Woolley
973-443-8081 (M-MS1-04)
Vice President, Strategic Initiatives -- Office of the President
Mazzolla, Jeanne
201-692-7100 (H-DH1-03) [profile]
Assistant to the President -- Office of the President
Dawson, Barbara
973-443-8927 (M-MS1-04) [profile]
Special Assistant to the President -- Office of the President

Senior Administrative Offices

Academic Affairs
Gillian Small, University Provost and Senior Vice President
201-692-7093 (H-DH1-01)
Hania Ferrara, Senior Vice President, Finance, and Chief Operating Officer
201-692-2381 (T-FH2-01)
University Advancement
Richard Reiss, Senior Vice President
201-692-7003 (H-DH3-17)
Florham Campus
Brian Mauro, Interim Florham Campus Executive
973-443-8081 (M-MS1-01)
Metropolitan Campus
Robert Vodde, Metropolitan Campus Executive
201-692-2466 (T-RH2-09)
Vancouver Campus
Cecil Abrahams, Campus Provost
Wroxton College
Nicholas D.J. Baldwin, Dean
General Counsel
John M. Codd, Esq., University General Counsel
201-692-7071 (H-DH3-03)
Information Resources & Technology
Neal Sturm, Vice President & Chief Information Officer -- Information Resources & Technology
973-443-8689 (M-DB2-01)
Enrollment, Planning and Effectiveness
Luke Schultheis, Vice President
201-692-7080 (H-DH1-03)