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The Office of the University Provost occupies a unique and significant place at Fairleigh Dickinson University. The Office and the Provost, Dr. Christopher A. Capuano, stand at the intersection of the University's domestic and international campuses, as well as its faculty, staff and student communities.

Since its establishment, the Office of the University Provost has sought to foster collaboration across the University and manage changes in policies and practices that affect the academic life of the University as a whole. At present, the Office of the University Provost focuses its efforts in the areas of organizational change, cross-faculty collaboration, academic and administrative computing, assessment of student learning and institutional effectiveness, core institutional values and assets, and the well-being of the University community.

The Office of the University Provost is responsible for the academic budget, leadership of the faculty, and academic program development—including community outreach programs, oversight of institutional accreditation, and promoting scholarly and other pertinent activities. In addition, the Office of the University Provost is deeply committed to promoting practices that are designed to facilitate student engagement. Such practices include capstone experiences, student research, experiential learning, and study abroad—to name a few.

The Team

Christopher Capuano
Christopher A. Capuano, Ph.D.

Dr. Christopher A. Capuano was appointed University Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs at Fairleigh Dickinson University in 2011. As the University’s chief academic officer and second-ranking official, Dr. Capuano’s primary focus is to provide the academic and administrative leadership necessary to ensure a strong commitment to academic excellence and to scholarly values that are complementary to the University’s mission and strategic plan. In determining the University’s academic strategy and priorities, Dr. Capuano works closely with the vice and associate provosts, campus provosts, college and school deans, faculty leadership, and other senior administrators of the University. Dr. Capuano is deeply committed to ensuring that academic priorities are central to all decisions made at the University. [Full Bio]

Joseph Kiernan
Joseph J. Kiernan, Ph.D.

Dr. Joseph J. Kiernan is Senior Vice Provost for Institutional Effectiveness at Fairleigh Dickinson University. In this role, Dr. Kiernan provides leadership and oversight of the University's continuous planning, assessment, and accreditation efforts for the purpose of enhancing the quality of the University's programs, services, processes, and general operations. Reporting to Dr. Kiernan are the Associate Provost for Institutional Research and Assessment, the University Director of Grants and Sponsored Projects, and the University Director of International Student Services. Dr. Kiernan also oversees the Office of Enrollment Management, works closely with the Office of Finance, and is Provost of the Metropolitan Campus in Teaneck-Hackensack, New Jersey. [Full Bio]

Dr. Peter Woolley
Peter J. Woolley, Ph.D.

Dr. Peter J. Woolley is Senior Vice Provost for Government and Community affairs at Fairleigh Dickinson University. In this capacity, Dr. Woolley is responsible for tracking federal and state legislation affecting the University, liaising with elected and appointed government officials, overseeing the University’s legislative priorities, and cultivating relations with county and local governments where the University has campuses. Reporting to Dr. Woolley is the University’s nationally recognized polling institute—PublicMind, as well as the Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, the acclaimed Literary Review, and the Dean of Wroxton College—the University's overseas campus in Oxfordshire, England. Dr. Woolley also serves as Provost of the College at Florham in Madison-Florham Park, New Jersey. [Full Bio]

Jason Scorza
Jason A. Scorza, Ph.D.

Dr. Jason A. Scorza is Vice Provost for Academic and International Affairs and Professor of Political Science and Philosophy at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Dr. Scorza oversees the University's global learning programs and international initiatives. Reporting to Dr. Scorza are the University Core Program, the Office of Global Learning, the Office of Global Partnerships, and the Study Abroad Office. Dr. Scorza is also Deputy Secretary-General of the International Association of University Presidents (IAUP) and a member of the United Nations/IAUP Commission on Disarmament Education, Conflict Resolution, and Peace. [Full Bio]

Cathy Kelley
Catherine Kelley, Ph.D.

Dr. Catherine Kelley is Associate Provost for Educational Resources and Assessment at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Dr. Kelley's responsibilities include managing the University's assessment activities -- chairing the Provost’s Learning Outcomes Assessment Advisory Committee (PLOAAC), chairing the Library Steering Committee, and overseeing the work of the Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology. [Full Bio]

Indira Govindan
Indira Govindan, D.Litt.

Dr. Indira Govindan is Associate Provost for Institutional Research and Assessment at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Dr. Govindan's responsibilities include the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data to support institutional and programmatic assessment, accreditation, policy formulation, and strategic planning. Dr. Govindan and her staff also respond to external surveys and conduct internal surveys to assist institutional decision-makers. [Full Bio]

Jeanne Mazzolla
Jeanne Mazzolla

Mrs. Jeanne Mazzolla is Assistant to the University Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs. In addition, Mrs. Mazzolla provides administrative assistance to the Office of the Senior Vice President for Finance and Chief Operating Officer, and to the University Risk Manager. [Full Bio]


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