Payroll at FDU

The Payroll Office for Fairleigh Dickinson University is located on the Metropolitan Campus in Dickinson Hall, 3rd floor. We provide service from 9:00 to 5:00.

Please review the following information and links as needed.

Payroll Schedule: Our semi monthly pay period runs from the first day of the month through the 15th day of the month, and the 16th of the month through the last day of the month. Pay dates are the 15th and the last day of the month. If the pay date falls on the weekend, the date is moved to the Friday before the pay date.

Adjunct Payroll Schedule: Adjuncts are paid on a semi-monthly basis while their classes are in session. For full semester classes, the first payment is at the end of September or February and the amount reflects the full month’s pay.

Payroll Deadlines: Refer to the schedule for the current semester.

Timesheet Policy: Please see the back of all Payment Vouchers for complete instructions. Vouchers will be returned to the supervisor, resulting in delayed payment if:

  • The Voucher does not contain all required information
  • The Voucher is not completed in ink
  • The Voucher is not signed by both the supervisor and employee
  • The Voucher has been altered or contains cross-outs

Direct Deposit: Available to all employees. Once the completed Direct Deposit Form is received and entered, there is one pay period delay in the start of direct deposit for prenote testing. Your paper check will have information when the testing has been completed; your next payment will be direct deposit.

PayCards: This service provides a paperless alternative for payment. PayCards will be available beginning Fall, ’09. We have included FAQ’s. There are some charges that could be incurred with PayCards. Information is provided with the cards on how to access your pay without charge. We also have a brief overview of free services.

iPay: Available to all employees of FDU, this service provides secure access to up to three (3) years of pay statements and W-2’s. Enrollment is completed on the internet at your own schedule. Once enrolled, you can elect to suppress your vouchers and “go green”. Email notification of payments and online calculators are part of the service.

Address Change: Completing one form will change your address in Payroll, Human Resources and Datatel (Enrollment Services).


Julie L Friedman
Director of Payrolls