ETG (Employee Tuition Grant)

To: The University Community
From: Stefanie Miller -- Director of Employee Benefits and Training
Date: November, 2016
Re: Employee Tuition Grant -- Important Updates to Policy and Application Process

Please read this entire announcement carefully to become familiar with the revised policy and application process as follows:

Revised Policy

Please review the revised policy effective January, 2017 . Important policy changes are as follows:

  • FAFSA requirement - The University is eliminating the requirement for each employee to file a FAFSA for full-time undergraduate students. However, those who believe they will qualify for Tuition Aid Grant (TAG) should still file a FAFSA, to ensure they receive the additional funding for other costs. Financial Aid will not reduce ETGs by the amount of TAG. Please contact Financial Aid directly regarding TAG eligibility.
  • Tracking of Part Time employees - grants are limited to maximum of 9 credits per year beginning with Fall semester and ending with Summer sessions. Newly hired adjuncts are not subject to the 90 day employment rule for self.
  • Policy for dependent child(ren) - Dependent child(ren) with a previously documented learning disability with Fairleigh Dickinson University can continue eligibility for an ETG for one additional calendar year from the semester in which they turn 24.

Please note, the above only highlights the Policy changes. Please review the entire policy for complete rules.

Revised Application Process

Effective immediately, the Application process will be completed via an online form and approval of ETG Applications will be entered directly into Colleague (The Benefits Department will no longer be issuing "white slips"). The online application process is as follows:

  1. Please complete the appropriate online application. The applications must be completed entirely for the form to be submitted. The links to the Online Applications are as follows:
  2. New with the online application, you must indicate if you or your dependent is enrolled in a "traditional" or "non-traditional" term program. Please speak with your academic advisor if you have any question about your "traditional" or "non-traditional" term status.
  3. Upon completion of the online application, you will see a confirmation page advising you the application has been submitted to the Benefits department.
  4. The Benefits department will review and process your application as noted above. Within five (5) business days, the student (self or dependent) will be able to register online for classes per the FDU registration schedule. ETG students will no longer have to register in person. If there is an issue with your application, you will be contacted via your FDU email address.
  5. Unless otherwise contacted by the Benefits Department, employees who have previously submitted the Application via paper form (intersession and/or Spring, 2017), have already had their ETG Application processed. They will be able to register online at the start of registration (per the FDU schedule for priority registration, etc.).
  6. As always, a separate application will need to be completed for each student and for each semester.
  7. Employees who are utilizing the ETG for self for the first time, will need to sign and return the Authorization Form (PDF) to grant access to their Colleague (personal information) account for other departments to access. Please print, sign, and return the Authorization Form one of three ways:
    • via inter-campus mail to ETG - Human Resources H-DH3-05
    • via fax to 201-692-2717
    • via scanned attachment to email at
  8. Questions regarding this new process may be directed to