Student Loan

The Office of Student Loan Repayment mission is to assist students to be responsible world citizens and ensure compliance with applicable federal regulations. The office provides students with an ethical understanding of their student loans and tuition obligations. We enhance students’ success by developing strategies to ensure that students do not default on their financial responsibilities and to provide, with accurate and timely manner, services that help students better manage their obligations.


Aeda Ghandour-Khamis
Manager: Collection/Student Loan
Mail:    T-FH2-04
Phone: (201) 692-2428

Kristen Mattson
Accounts Receivable Specialist
Mail:    T-FH2-04
Phone: (201) 692-2083

Charrley Vinson
Student Loan Accountant

Mail:  T-FH2-04

Phone:  (201) 692-2082

Maria Wanis
Student Loan Counselor
Mail:    T-FH2-04
Phone: (201) 692-2781

Aida Hamouche
Accounts Receivable Specialist
Mail:    T-FH2-04
Phone: (201) 692-2575 or 2579
Email: aida_hamouche