Web Registration

Spring 2017 priority registration begins on November 7, 2016. Web registration will be available to continuing graduate and undergraduate students currently enrolled for the Fall 2016 term. Web Registration is available from 8AM to 9PM. You may access course information and register through Webadvisor on https://webadvisor.fdu.edu

Undergraduate Students

You are required to meet with an academic advisor to prepare your schedule and to obtain access to register on the web. Academic Advising begins on Monday October 31, 2016. During Priority Registration students must register on the days designated for them based on the number of credits they have completed up to but not including the Fall 2016 term. Students will receive the date that they may begin to register via  email approximately two weeks prior to the Priority Registration Period. The information is also available on the FDU website (click here). Please note: the Priority Registration period is from November 7, 2016 through November 22, 2016. Thereafter, a student may register on the web at any time up to January 22, 2017.

Graduate Students

You are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor before registering on the web. The period of eligibility to register on the web begins on the first day of Priority Registration, which is November 7, 2016 for the Spring 2017 term. Many graduate courses have variable start dates; therefore, you may register for a course up to the day before a class begins.

Please note: If you are registering for 3-4-5-6 week module courses and they are pre-requisites to one another, you must register for the courses in sequential order and you must register for one course at a time and finalize each transaction.

When selecting courses, if you select a course for which you are not eligible to enroll, your entire schedule will not be processed. Please delete this course in order to proceed and finalize your registration. You must check your schedule for accuracy when you complete the registration process.

In order to register on the web, a student must have a Webmail account and a Webadvisor account. To create a Webmail account, students should go to: webmail.fdu.edu. To request a Webadvisor account, email webadvisoradmin@fdu.edu from your newly created Webmail account. State that you are a graduate student requesting access to WebAdvisor and be sure to include your student ID number. Webadvisor is the program that gives you access to register, view your academic record, billing and financial aid awards.

Please note: You must create a Webmail account before you can create a Webadvisor account.

To create a Webmail account go to https://webmail.fdu.edu. For assistance with Webmail, please call the Help Desk 973-443-8822

If you need assistance with Web Advisor send an email to webadvisoradmin@fdu.edu