1098T Tax Form Information

To Obtain 1098-T Tax Forms:

For Domestic Students:

  • 1098 –T tax forms for previous year are provided to domestic students by January 31st.
  • Tax forms are also available online at: www.1098-T.com

For International Students:

The University does not automatically mail 1098-T tax forms to International Students. International students must request a form, if needed.

Documentation required for processing of forms for International Students:

  • Copy of Social Security Card or ITIN Number
  • Proof of current address

Please submit all required documents either:

  • In person to the Office of Enrollment Services at your appropriate campus.
  • By fax:
    • Metropolitan/Teaneck Campus: (201) 692-2209
    • Florham Campus: (973) 443-8616
  • By e-mail:

NOTE: Please allow 14 days to process 1098-T tax forms for International Students. This may vary depending on the number of requests received. Students will automatically be notified once forms are available.