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Web Operations

The University's website is made up of thousands of pages, serving tens of thousands of page views per day, millions per year, and is growing steadily. With course listings; student handbooks; and faculty, staff and administration personal web pages, since its inception in the mid-1990s the site has grown to provide resources for students and prospects and their families, employees, alumni, the media and the general public.

The role of Web Operations Division

Web Operations is responsible for operation and training for the Content Management System, development of database-driven functionality for the website, website graphics, traffic tracking and analysis, and implementation of design policies set for the website. Web Operations also maintains the University's channel on Youtube.

The FDU website is a constellation of web servers and domains, each with its own functional specialization.

  • includes the FDU main page, as well as forms and web-based computer programs that provide special functions for site visitors. This includes the database-driven Coursefinder file of colleges, majors, courses, and sections.
  • is the focal point for students, faculty, and staff already part of the FDU community; it includes the FDU-developed Pagetoaster software that allows individuals to create their own personal pages just as the Content Management System does for departments.
  • is the content management server, with over 7000 active pages.
  • is the FDU Mobile Website, where University information is available formatted for smartphones and other mobile devices.
  • is where surveys and analysis by FDU's own public interest polling center are posted.

FDU servers not under direct control by Web Operations include,,,,, and

Development timeline

In response to suggestions submitted by a task force under the direction of College at Florham Provost Kenneth Greene, the website underwent in 2004 a comprehensive redesign and implementation of a content management system. Content management allows offices and departments throughout the University to create and maintain their own pages, without requiring advanced HTML skills on the part of department or office staff. The effect is more up-to-date content without costly increases in central web operations staffing.

A subsequent redesign, launched in 2008, was implemented without a change to the underlying content management software.

During 2013-2014, the website's design and its content management software were both updated, with substantial new usability gains, including convenient viewing on tablet and smartphone displays.


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