University Offices

Board of Trustees

Office of the President

Christopher A. Capuano, Ph.D., President
Jeanne Mazzolla, Assistant to the President
Barbara Dawson, Special Assistant

Office of General Counsel

John M. Codd, Esq., General Counsel
Martha C. Young, B.S., Assistant to the General Counsel
Barbara Luhmann, Legal Assistant

Office of Communications

Angelo Carfagna, M.A., Associate Vice President for University Communications
Dina Schipper, B.A., Executive Director of Communications and News
Carol T. Black, M.A., Director of University Publications
William R. Kennedy, M.A.S., Director of Web Operations
Duff Sheffield, B.A., General Manager, WFDU Broadcast Media
Hector Torres, B.A., University Graphic Designer

Office of the University Provost

Gillian Small, Ph.D., University Provost and Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs

Office of Educational Resources and Assessment

Catherine Kelley, Ph.D., Associate Provost for Educational Resources and Assessment
David Lavoie, Ph.D., University Director, Center for Instructional Design
Sandra Selick, Ph.D., University Director, Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment

Office of Enrollment Management

Luke David Schultheis, Ph.D., Vice President for Enrollment, Planning and Effectiveness
Traci Banks, B.S., Associate Vice President for Admissions and Financial Aid
Elizabeth Dikovics, Special Assistant to the Vice President of Enrollment Management
Brad Allison, M.S., Director of Data Management/Analysis and Communications


Colleen Curtis, B.A., University Director of Undergraduate Admissions Operations
Susan Brooman, B.A., University Director of Graduate and International Admissions
Andrew Ippolito, M.S., Director of Undergraduate Admissions and Marketing, Metropolitan Campus
Anita Rivers, M.A., Director of Undergraduate Adult and Part-Time Admissions

Financial Aid

Renee Volak, M.M., University Director of Financial Aid
Carmen Ferrari, M.S., Director of Financial Aid, Metropolitan Campus
Theresa A. Coll, M.A., Director of Financial Aid Operations

Office of Florham Campus Executive

Brian Mauro, Ph.D., Campus Executive
Marc DeBoer, B.S., Deputy to the Campus Executive
Mary Keyser, Special Assistant to the Campus Provost

Office of Metropolitan Campus Executive

S. Craig Mourton, MPS, Interim Campus Executive
James Deleppo, M.S., University Director of International Student Services

Office of International Affairs

Jason Scorza, Ph.D., Vice Provost for Academic and International Affairs
Diana Cvitan, M.A.T., Director, Office of Global Learning/Office of Global Partnerships
Brian Swanzey, M.A., Director of Study Abroad for Outreach
Anne Miksza, M.A., Director of Study Abroad for Operations

University Core

Kiron Sharma, Ph.D., Director, Florham Campus
Judith Kaufman, Ph.D., Director, Metropolitan Campus
James Gifford, Ph.D., Director, Vancouver Campus
Michele Barto, Ed.D., Director, Online/Off-campus Programs

Office of Career Development

Donna Robertson, M.A., University Director of Career Development
Ryan Stalgaitis, Ed.M., Interim Florham Campus Director of Career Development

Office of Grants and Sponsored Projects

Jane Tsambis, M.B.A., University Director of Grants and Sponsored Projects

Office of Institutional Research and Assessment

Sam Michalowski, Ph.D., Associate Provost, Office of Institutional Research and Assessment

Library Services
Metropolitan Campus

Kathleen Stein-Smith, M.A., M.S., M.A., Ph.D., Associate University Librarian / Director of Public Services
Maria Kocylowsky, M.A., M.L.S., Associate University Librarian / Director of Business Library
Patricia Murray, M.S.L.S., Collection Development Coordinator
Richard A. Goerner, M.L.S., Head, U.S. Government Documents
Michele Nestory, M.L.S., Librarian, Business Reference Library, and Coordinator, Outreach and Advancement

Florham Campus

Brigid Burke, M.A., M.L.S., Ph.D.: Technical Services and Digital Projects Librarian
Eleanor Friedl, M.L.S., Reference and Special Collections
Nicole Potdevin, M.L.S., Reference Librarian, Information Literacy
Robert Richlan, J.D., M.L.S., Reference Librarian, Law

Office of Government and Community Affairs

Peter J. Woolley, Ph.D., Vice President for Strategic Initiatives
Matthew J. Dikovics, B.A., Director of Government and Community Affairs
Barbara Dawson, Assistant to the Director of Government and Community Affairs
Krista Jenkins, Ph.D., Director of FDU Poll
Harry Keyishian, Ph.D., Director, Editorial Committee, Fairleigh Dickinson University Press
Minna Proctor, M.F.A., Editor in Chief of The Literary Review

Office of the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration

Hania Ferrara, Ed.D., M.B.A., Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration
Lisa Carnevale, Special Assistant to Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration
Gail Lemaire, Executive Assistant to the Sr. Vice President/University Risk Manager

Office of Finance

Frank N. Barra, C.P.A., Associate Vice President for Finance
Agnes Scaglione, B.S., Director of Internal Audit
Frank Lawson, M.B.A., Director of Budgeting Services
Juliette Brooks, B.S., University Director of Purchasing
James Pierce, M.B.A., Controller
Gregory Sarajian, M.B.A., Manager of Accounts Payable
Aeda Ghandour-Khamis, M.B.A., Manager of Credit and Collections/Student Loan

Office of Enrollment Services

Carol Creekmore, M.A.S., Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services

Office of Facilities and Auxiliary Services

Richard Frick, M.Ed., Vice President for Facilities and Auxiliary Services
Paul Palladino, B.S., Acting Associate Director of Facilities / Project Manager, Florham Campus
Michael DiArchangel, MEP Manager, Florham Campus
Michael Ervelli, Buildings and Grounds Manager, Florham Campus
Peter Bonasia, Acting Associate Director of Facilities / Project Manager, Metropolitan Campus
Augusto Paule, MEP Manager, Metropolitan Campus
Michael Noe, Buildings and Grounds Manager, Metropolitan Campus
Heidi Fichtenbaum, B.E.D., Senior Project Manager

Office of Auxiliary Services

Robert A. Valenti, M.A.S., Associate Vice President for Auxiliary Services
Cathy Paris, Assistant to the Associate Vice President for Auxiliary Services


Andrew Egan, Manager, Florham Campus (Follett Higher Education Group)
Maureen Delaney, Manager, Metropolitan Campus (Follett Higher Education Group)

Copy Center and Fleet Copiers

Richard Villanueva, Bi-Campus Manager, Collegiate Press

Food Service

Jeff Gourley, AOF, Director, Florham Campus (Gourmet Dining Services, Inc.)
George Kuzma, Director, Metropolitan Campus (Gourmet Dining Services, Inc.)

Mail Room

Raymond Schafer, Manager (The Millennium Group)

Office of Human Resources

Rose D'Ambrosio, M.B.A., Associate Vice President of Human Resources
Julie L. Friedman, B.A., Director of Payroll
Maureen Curry, M.A., Manager of Compensation
Stefanie Miller, M.A., Manager of Employee Benefits
Patricia Miller, M.B.A., Manager of Employment

Office of Information Resources and Technology

Neal Sturm, M.B.A., Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Saul Kleinman, B.A., Associate Vice President for Management Information Systems
Stuart Alper, B.S., University Director, University Systems and Security
Manish Wadhwa, M.B.A., Director, Academic Technologies
Lane Goldstein, University Director, Access Technologies
Ralph Knapp, B.S., Director of Computing Services -- Florham Campus
Robert Pelech, B.S., Director of Computing Services -- Metropolitan Campus
Kimberly Hart, Manager of Telephone and Voice Services
William T. Van Wert, Jr., Multimedia/Logistics Assistant

Office of University Advancement

Richard Reiss, B.S., Senior Vice President for University Advancement
Karen Ann Lewis, Ph.D., Executive Director, One University Many Dreams
Christopher S. Groff, M.S., Executive Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations
Karin Hamilton, M.B.A., Executive Director of Alumni Relations
Delia Perez, M.A., Director of Planned Giving
Laura Reynolds, M.B.A., Director of Special Events
Jeffrey Knapp, M.B.A., Director of Development, University Athletics
Jillian Sandoval, M.S., Associate Director of Corporate and Foundations Relations
Jennifer Troxell, M.S., Assistant Director of Development and Alumni Relations
Leslie Frucht, M.A., Manager of Research and Records
Richard Datzko-Banta, B.S., Manager of Donor Relations


Office of Florham Campus Executive

(For campus offices and departments in alphabetic order, please see Florham Campus index.)

Brian Mauro, Ph.D., Campus Executive
Marc DeBoer, B.S., Deputy to the Campus Executive
Mary Keyser, Special Assistant to the Campus Provost

Academic Support Services
Academic Support Center

Darshan Shah, B.Pharm, M.B.A., M.A.S., Director

Conference Operations

Kristin Granade, Coordinator

Disability Support Services

Darshan Shah, B.Pharm, M.B.A., M.A.S., Director

Educational Opportunity Fund

Marjorie A. Hall, M.A., Director

Office of International Services

James Deleppo, M.S., Director

Athletics Division III

Jennifer Noon, B.A., Director

Public Safety

Joseph Vitiello, Interim Campus Director

Florham Institute for Lifelong Learning

Bruce Peabody, Ph.D., Director

University Honors Programs

April Patrick, Ph.D., Director, Florham Campus

Office of the Dean of Students

Wellness Center

Stephanie Koempel, Ph.D., Director of Counseling Services
Susan Boisnier, R.N., M.S.N., A.P.N., Director of Student Health Services

Office of Metropolitan Campus Executive

(For offices and departments in alphabetic order, please see Metropolitan campus index.)

S. Craig Mourton, M.P.S., M.S., Interim Campus Executive
Angela DePoalo, M.A., Assistant to the Provost

Academic Resource Center

Margaret M. Roidi, Ph.D., Director
Michael D. Kohn, B.A., Assistant Director

Academic Advising Center

Andrea Mosca, M.S., Director

Educational Opportunity Fund

Marjorie A. Hall, M.A., Director

International Student Services

James Deleppo, M.S., University Director of International Student Services

Athletics Division I

Cathy Liggett, Interim Athletic Director
Sean Morrison, B.A., Director of Development and Marketing for University Athletics

Global Scholars Program

Samuel J. Raphalides, Director

Center for Psychological Services

Stefanie Ulrich, Ph.D., Director

Office of Public Safety

David A. Miles, M.S., Director

University Honors Programs

M. Patricia Warunek, Ph.D., Director, Metropolitan Campus

Office of the Dean of Students

Vidal Lopez, M.P.S., Dean of Students
Childerick Barthelus, M.A.S., Assistant Dean of Students for Commuter Students

Office of Campus Ministry

Rev. Jim Om, Director

Office of Residence Life

Ruben C. Flores, M.Ed., Associate Dean of Students for Residence Life, Housing, and Campus Ministry

Office of Student Life

Jessica D. Harris, M.Ed., Director

Office of Student Health Services

Ann Mahan, B.S., R.N., N.P., Director of Student Health Services/Nurse Practitioner

Office of Counseling and Psychological Services

Alice Mills, Ph.D., Co-director
David Mednick, Psy.D., Co-director

Regional Center for College Students with Learning Disabilities

Mary L. Farrell, Ph.D., University Director
Barbara Byrnes, M.A., Metropolitan Campus Director
Mary Hebert, Ph.D., Florham Campus Director
Grace Hottinger, Coordinator of Admissions

Colleges, Institutes, Schools, Departments

Maxwell Becton College of Arts and Sciences

Geoffrey Weinman, Ph.D., Dean
Jennifer K. Lehr, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Elizabeth Feeley, M.S., Associate Dean of Student Services
Deborah Pilipie Dobson, B.A., Director of Becton College Advising Center

Biological and Allied Health Sciences Department

Patricia Melloy, Ph.D., Chair

Chemistry and Biochemistry Department

Alexey Teslja, Ph.D., Chair

Communication Studies Department

Gary Radford, Ph.D., Chair
Kathleen Haspel, Ph.D., Director of M.A. in Communications

Literature, Language, Writing, and Philosophy Department

Matthieu Boyd, Ph.D., Chair
Rebecca Chace, M.F.A., Director of B.A. in Creative Writing
M. Kathryn Douglas, M.A., Director of College Writing
Rene Steinke, M.F.A., Director of M.F.A. in Creative Writing

Physical Education Department

Elizabeth Feeley, M.S., Chair

Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics Department

Laila Khreisat, Ph.D., Chair
Diane Richton, M.S., Director of Developmental Mathematics

Psychology and Counseling Department

Anthony Tasso, Ph.D., Chair
Donalee Brown, Ph.D., Director of Clinical Mental Health Programs

Social Sciences and History Department

Gary Darden, Ph.D., Chair
Meghan Sacks, Ph.D., Director, Criminology Program

Visual and Performing Arts Department

Howard Libov, M.F.A., M.A., Chair
Robin Barkley, M.A., Director of Animation and Graphic Design Program
Stephen Hollis, B.A., Director of Theater Arts Program
Stacie Lents, M.F.A., Director of Acting

Silberman College of Business

Andrew J. Rosman, Ph.D., Dean
James G. Almeida, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Graduate Programs
Janette Shurdom, M.B.A., Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Programs and Student Services
Peter Caliguari, M.B.A., Director of Executive M.B.A. Programs
Gina Murray, Ph.D., Advising Counselor for Graduate Programs, Metropolitan Campus
Courtney Chambers, M.B.A., Advising Counselor for Graduate Programs, Florham Campus
Mary Sakin, Director of Placement and Outreach
Jennifer Page, M.A., Undergraduate Program Advisor, Florham Campus
Linda Salavarria, Undergraduate Program Advisor, Florham Campus

Accounting, Tax, and Law Department

Ron West, J.D., C.P.A., Chair

Economics, Finance, and International Business Department

Karen C. Denning, Ph.D., Chair

Marketing, Information Systems, and Decision Sciences Department

Zhaobo Wang, Ph.D., Chair

Management and Entrepreneurship Department

Gwen Jones, Ph.D., Chair

Rothman Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Timur Pakay, M.A., Executive Director

Institute for Sustainable Enterprise

Joel Harmon, Ph.D., Executive Director

School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Michael Avaltroni, Ph.D., Dean
Anastasia Rivkin, Pharm.D., Assistant Dean for Faculty
Barbara Rossi, M.A., Assistant Dean for Experiential Education
Chadwin Sandifer, Ed.D., Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Programmatic Effectiveness
Yong Guo, Ph.D., Director of Research and Graduate Studies
Patricia Lemmerman, M.S., Director of Student Affairs and Community Engagement
Leslie McRae, M.S., Director of Technical Operations
Jennifer Olsakowski, Pharm.D., Director of Student Pharmacist Practice
Gail Rattinger, Pharm.D., Director of Pharmacy Practice
Tracy Templin, M.S., Director of Admissions and Marketing
Sandeep Vansai, Ph.D., Director of Pharmaceutical Science
Joseph Gulfo, Ph.D., Executive Director, Institute for Patient-Centered Innovation (iPCI)

Anthony J. Petrocelli College of Continuing Studies

Lisa Braverman, Ph.D., Dean
Thomas B. Swanzey, Ph.D., Associate Dean
Deborah Fredericks, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Continuing Education and College Learning Outcomes Assessment
Anthony J. Adrignolo, P.E., M.S.O.R., Director of Global Transportation Studies Program

School of Administrative Science

James H. Behnke, M.Ed., Director of Web, Instructional Technology and Online Learning

International School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

Joseph L. Tormey, D.H.T.M., Director

Office of Online Programs

JoAnna Steiner, M.S., Associate Director

Division of Continuing Education

Karen Nelson, M.S.Ed., M.B.A., Senior Program Director

Enhanced Freshman Experience Program

Yeaoh Kim, Ed.D., Assistant Director

Puerta al Futuro Program

Fernando Alonso, J.D., Director

Korean Studies Program (MiraeRo)

Eun Jeong Lee, M.B.A., Director

Latino Promise Program

Fernando Alonso, J.D., Director

Interdisciplinary Studies Program

Lawrence Winters, Ph.D., Director

University College: Arts - Sciences - Professional Studies

Vicki Cohen, Ed.D., Interim Dean
Mutiara Mohamad, Ed.D., Director, Programs in Language, Culture, and Professional Advancement

School of Art and Media Studies

Karen Buzzard, Ph.D., Director

Lee Gildart and Oswald Haase School of Computer Sciences and Engineering

Alfredo C. Tan, Ph.D., Director
Howard Silver, Ph.D., Deputy Director, Engineering, Engineering Technology and Information Technology

School of Criminal Justice, Political Science, and International Studies

Samuel Raphalides, Ph.D., Director

Peter Sammartino School of Education

Vicki L. Cohen, Ed.D., Director
Daniel Aronoff, M.A., Deputy Director, Interim Director, M.A. in Educational Leadership Program
Carol Karpinski, Ed.D., Director, Master of Arts in Teaching Program
Teresa Oettinger Montani, Ed.D., Director, Learning Disabilities Program
Miriam Singer, Ed.D., Director, QUEST/B.A.-M.A.T.
Vincent Martone, M.A., Assistant Director, Field Placement, Records, and Career Services

School of the Humanities

Janet Boyd, Ph.D., Director

School of Natural Sciences

James Dougherty, Ph.D., Co-director
Marion McClary, Ph.D., Co-director

Henry P. Becton School of Nursing and Allied Health

Minerva Guttman, Ed.D., Director
Sylvia Colon-Cabassa, DNP, MSN, RN, FNP, Associate Director, Baccalaureate Nursing
Marilyn Rubin, Ed.M., Associate Director, Allied Health Programs
Elizabeth Parietti, Ed.D., Associate Director, Graduate Nursing Programs
Maryelena Vargas, DNSc, Coordinator of D.N.P. Program

Physical Education

David Langford, M.Ed., Athletic Director
Catherine M. Liggett, Coordinator

School of Psychology

Ronald Dumont, Ed.D., Director, School of Psychology
Judith Kaufman, Ph.D., Director, Psy.D. and M.A. Programs in School Psychology
Stephen Armeli, Ph.D., Director, M.A. Program in General-Theoretical Psychology, Director, Undergraduate Psychology Programs
Katharine Loeb, Ph.D., Director, Ph.D. Program in Clinical Psychology
Robert Prentky, Ph.D., Director, M.A. Program in Forensic Psychology
Stefanie Ulrich, Ph.D., Director, Center for Psychological Services

Wroxton College

Nicholas D. J. Baldwin, Ph.D., Dean

Vancouver Campus
Wilfred Zerbe, Ph.D., Campus Executive
David O'Reilly, M.B.A., Deputy Campus Executive
Natalia Kharitonova, Ph.D., Associate Director of Admissions
Ajay Garg, Ph.D., Associate Director of BAIS and MAS Programs
Bahareh Assadi, Ph.D., Assistant Director of BAIS and MAS Programs
Ozen Asik-Dizdar, Ph.D., Coordinator of Business Administration Program
Vasu Janarthanan, Ph.D., Coordinator of Information Technology Program
Gudrun Dreher, Ph.D., Director of Global Scholars Program
Amy Yan, B.S.C., Director of Marketing and Recruitment
Candice Ho, M.B.A., Regional Marketing Manager, Asia-Pacific
Jobin Mojtabavi, M.A.S., Director of Student Services
Jonn Martell, B.Sc., Director of Technical Operations
James Gifford, Ph.D., Director of University Core Program