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International Happenings

This summer, faculty and students enjoyed a variety of experiences from London to China. In addition, the University Core courses are now offered at overseas locations, including in England, Canada and China.


This summer, William “Pat” Schuber and William Toms, both administrative science (Metro), met in London, England, to continue with their ongoing research into homeland security. They met with senior members of the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), the United Kingdom’s largest police force, to examine comparative approaches to homeland security. Their research focuses on how different countries and regions approach homeland security initiatives from different perspectives. Their research includes the examination of constitutional protections, roles of the military, actual versus perceived threats, tactics and equipment, as well as strategic planning.

William “Pat” Schuber, right, and William Toms, left, both administrative science (Metro), complete their inspection of a Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) response vehicle specially designed and equipped for dealing with incidents such as active shooters.


Marie Roberts, fine arts (Metro), participated in two art residencies this summer. One was at the Royal Drawing School, in Shoreditch, an educational organization and registered charity in the London Borough of Hackney in England. It was founded in 2000 by the Prince of Wales as The Prince’s Drawing School. The emphasis is on working from observation and the development of new work. The other residency was at Dumfries, in Ayershire, Scotland. Dumfries House is one of Britain’s most beautiful stately homes and is set in 2,000 acres, where she produced a body of drawings and paintings from observation of the animals and landscape. The 18th-century house has an unrivalled collection of original furniture. Residencies are opportunities for painters, textile and furniture designers, illustrators, practice-based researchers and applied artists who use drawing in their practice.

Left photo: At Royal Drawing School (RDS) Shoreditch Studios with, from left, Elizabeth McCartin, RDS tutor; Alyssa Hart and Summer Benjamin Maclean, RDS interns; Marie Roberts, fine arts (Metro); and Kate Osborn, RDS director of Young Artist Programs.
Right photo: One of Marie Roberts’ paintings of the Scottish landscape.


This past summer Michele Barto, communication (Metro); Li Qin, information systems (Metro); William Zimmerle, humanities (Metro); Michele Scott, global ambassador, Silberman College; and Norman Chester, Silberman College (Flor), were invited to teach FDU courses at the Chengdu American Center located on Sichuan University’s campus in Chengdu, China. Chengdu American Center is one of FDU’s newest study-abroad programs open to students from all over the United States.

FDU faculty members at the Chengdu American Center in China (all in the second row) are, Michele Barto, center in blue dress, communication (Metro); to her right, Michele Scott, global ambassador, Silberman College; and to Barto’s left, Li Qin, information systems (Metro); and Norman Chester, Silberman College (Flor).

Courses offered this summer were all FDU courses. Enrollment included international and Sichuan students returning to China to take classes at the University, American exchange students — American students from several universities and 10 FDU students from the Florham, Metropolitan and Vancouver campuses. In addition, each FDU faculty member went with students on several excursions, sharing cultural experiences. They also Interacted with Sichuan staff and faculty and the community, including parents and high-school and college students. In particular, Barto was also asked to share her experiences and teaching background to community members. Currently, there are FDU students attending Chengdu American Center in the fall as well as spring.


Nine education students in Field Experience Global traveled to Japan in June. They had the opportunity to compare and contrast instructional strategies and methodologies used in Japan and New Jersey. Bryan Meadows, former education (Metro), and Daniel Aronoff, education and deputy director, education (Metro), accompanied the students for an intensive cultural immersion and international field experience this summer. The group navigated Tokyo, explored iconic landmarks and participated in meaningful exchanges with host schools — students were invited into multiple classrooms to interact with local students and teachers and learn about the Japanese education system. Visit “Finding balance and beauty, inside and outside the classroom in Japan” to read about the experience of Karina Munoz, BA’17 (Metro), a graduate student pursuing her Master of Arts in Teaching degree.


From May 28 to June 9, 2017, 15 students from FDU and Rutgers University used Wroxton College as a base to explore issues in communication from a United Kingdom and European perspective. With the dynamic backdrop of the recent Brexit referendum and the ongoing general election, students studied, discussed and debated topics in international marketing, corporate communication, advertising and critical theory with a range of experts in those fields. Students also had a day of seminars at the Harris-Manchester College of Oxford University and visits to Bletchley Park (home of the World War II codebreakers), Stratford-Upon-Avon and London. Gary Radford, communication studies and chair, communication studies (Flor), conducted the seminar. The course will be offered again in Summer 2018 from May 27 to June 9.

Left photo: The group discussed Media in the United Kingdom with one of the speakers.
Right photo: Gary Radford, communication studies and chair, communication studies (Flor), and his wife, Marie Radford, library/information science, Rutgers University, attended the Wroxton College Mediaeval Banquet.

Also in Wroxton, Richard Nisa, geography (Flor), took a Florham Campus honors group to the college.

England, Belgium, France and Luxembourg

Students traveled to England, Belgium, France and Luxembourg as part of the undergraduate history three-credit courses The Western Front in World War I and The Western Front in World War II. The group took classes at the Florham Campus, and then traveled in June to Wroxton College, France, Belgium and Luxembourg. They were accompanied by Gary Darden, history and chair, social sciences/history (Flor).


Jas Verem, dean of students (Flor), again took students for a service-learning trip to Ecuador. For more information contact Verem at verem@fdu.edu.

Core Courses Overseas

Cross-Cultural Perspectives (UNIV2001) and Global Issues (UNIV2002), courses designed to fulfill Fairleigh Dickinson University’s global-learning mission and focus on developing knowledge and critical-thinking skills essential for success in the global economy and membership in the global society are now available at FDU’s Chengdu American Center for Study Abroad (China), Wroxton College (England) and the Vancouver Campus (Canada). Taking one or both of these courses while studying abroad for a semester simultaneously allows students to immerse themselves in another country and culture. “The Core classes offered in China, Wroxton and Vancouver meet the same global and cross-cultural learning goals as the classes offered in New Jersey,” said Jason Scorza, vice provost, academic/international affairs (Metro/Flor). “But they are enhanced to take advantage of the specific international content.” For more information email studyabroad@fdu.edu or call 201-692-7218.