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Facilities Update

Various improvement projects were done over the summer, reports Richard Frick, vice president for facilities and auxiliary services (Metro/Flor). These projects were completed by facilities with significant assistance and support from other areas. These include:

Metropolitan Campus

• Athletics — replaced soccer field scoreboard (digital) and Rothman Center cooling tower;

• Becton Hall — replaced Theater Roof, including partial green roof;

• Residence Halls — replaced Linden domestic hot water heater, storage and control system; in University Courts (UC) upgraded attic sprinkler piping, renovated six bathrooms in UC 6 and 9, repaired laundry room in UC 6; repaired concrete steps by UC 1 and UC 3; painted, performed carpentry repairs and replaced flooring as required in all residence halls;

• Dickinson Hall — replaced domestic hot-water system and installed ATM;

• Student Union Building — replaced boiler flue, domestic hot water heater, storage and control system; upgraded and repaired loading dock structure;

• Williams Hall — replaced the pond fence along River Road;

• Field House — replaced and refurbished second-floor HVAC system;

• Alumni Hall — painted and renamed Jeepers to Riverside Café;

• Campus-wide — repaired potholes, rebuilt numerous storm-water catch basins, installed programmable thermostats for DX (direct expansion) HVAC units; painted, performed carpentry repairs and replaced flooring as required in all classrooms.

The newly renamed Riverside Café was officially opened with a ribbon cutting. From left are Robert Valenti, associate vice president for auxiliary services (Metro/Flor); Robert Vodde, criminal justice and campus executive (Metro); Joshua Ormond, director of food service, Gourmet Dining Services Inc. (Metro); Craig Mourton, deputy campus executive (Metro); and Matthew Percelli, food service manager, Gourmet Dining Services Inc. (Metro).

Florham Campus

• Dreyfuss Building — replaced entrance including doors, walk and retaining wall;

• Ferguson Recreation Center — replaced arena door and domestic hot water boilers, resurfacing pool (in progress);

• Rothman Building — replaced entrance;

• Gate House (Lodge) — installed new flooring and painted the first floor;

• Residence Halls — touched up or completely painted all rooms and hallways; replaced floor tiles in the first floors of Village 7 and 8 and in nine rooms of Hamilton Twombly Hall, installed new heating system for the Twombly I-Wing;

• Student Center — Replaced two HVAC units; painted and installed new flooring, lighting and furniture for the dining halls (dean of students and auxiliary services);

• Hennessy Hall — Made critical temporary repairs to both upper and lower fountains in the mansion gardens; initiated work on what will be the Gov. Brendan Byrne Room (M-11); commenced historic preservation architectural evaluation of the building exterior and surrounding improvements (in progress)

Stairs — repaired concrete from the commuter parking lot and from the Student Center to the freshman residence hall;

• Campus-wide — rebuilt 26 storm drains, repaired pot holes and repaved walkways; removed failing trees, planted many trees, including several near Dreyfuss Building; touched up or completely painted all hallways and classrooms; redid roadway line striping; added 12 more Adirondack chairs and five new park benches.

Left photo: One of the new park benches.
Right photo: Dreyfuss Building with its new doors, walk and retaining wall.