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Did You Know?

• The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) granted a 10-year reaccreditation to the DNP program and APRN nursing certificate programs, extending accreditation to June 30, 2027.

• The School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences has opened a search for a director of a Doctor of Physical Therapy program.

• The Silberman College of Business has launched a Parent’s Council to help understand issues from both student and parent perspectives.

• The School of Public and Global Affairs has begun the process of identifying and recruiting additional Advisory Board members in New Jersey; Vancouver, Canada; and the United Kingdom.

• The number of freshmen in Silberman College increased by 81 percent this fall, and graduate enrollment increased by 13.3 percent, including more than 50 PharmD students who are enrolled in the MBA program as a second-degree option.

 • The School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is establishing its first post-graduate fellowship in partnership with BD (Becton Dickinson) in the area of health economics and outcomes research.

• Proposals for an MFA in film and an MA and MFA in animation in the School of the Arts were approved by the New Jersey Presidents Council.

• The International School of Hospitality and Tourism Management is anticipating its first intake of graduate students in hospitality management studies at Wroxton College in spring 2018.

• A Task Force has been appointed to work on improving retention and graduation rates. It is focusing on three key areas of the first-year experience: preparedness, connections and customer care and service.

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