November/December 2016

Faculty, Staff — Update, In Memoriam, Welcome


Bruce Peabody, political science and director, Florham Institute for Lifelong Learning (Flor), co-wrote an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal titled “A Path to President Pence: A President-elect Trump Could Take the Oath of Office and Then Resign, Turning the White House Over to the Vice President.” He also co-wrote an article, “Here’s Why It’s in Our Economic Self-Interest to Keep an Open Door to Immigrants,” for History News Network. Peabody’s views on the Trump presidency were published in The Record’s November 13 op-ed titled “Opinion: What Local Experts Expect in the New Administration.”

Jason Scorza, vice provost for academic/international affairs (Metro/Flor), and philosophy/political science (Metro), is editor of the book Higher Education as a Bridge to the Future: Proceedings of the 50th Anniversary Meeting of the International Association of University Presidents, with Reflections on the Future of Higher Education by Dr. J. Michael Adams, which was published by FDU Press in October. (For other recently published books by FDU Press see “Six New Books published by FDU Press” Scorza also wrote the article “Remembering the Future of Higher Education,” published in University World News Global Edition in October.

Vladimir Zwass, computer science/management information systems, inaugural Gregory Olsen Endowed Chair and deputy director, computer sciences/engineering (Metro), is editor-in-chief and founder of the Journal of Management Information Systems (JMIS), which has been placed by the Financial Times in its FT50. This list includes the leading scholarly journals in their fields, and these 50 journals are the only ones used by the Financial Times in its assessment of business-school research.

Meghan Sacks, criminology and director, criminology (Flor), is co-author of Introduction to Criminal Justice: A Personal Narrative Approach, which was published by Carolina Academic Press in August. She discussed her book as part of the Monninger Conversation Series at the Florham Campus on October 24, with John Schiemann, political science (Flor), moderating.

The Teaneck Chamber of Commerce presented Christopher Capuano, president, its 2016 Education Award during the organization’s 15th Annual Community Awards Dinner on September 29 in Teaneck, N.J. Representatives from local businesses, elected officials and community leaders attended the event. In his acceptance speech, Capuano said, “FDU is proud to call Teaneck home to our Metropolitan Campus, and I thank the Chamber for recognizing the contributions of the University.” To see a photo of Capuano receiving the award go to

M. Patricia Warunek, biological sciences and director, University Honors Program (Metro), has been reappointed to the Portz Research Committee of the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC), which sets standards for undergraduate research and awards scholarships to outstanding students and their research projects. She represented FDU in the NCHC’s conference held in October in Seattle, Wash., where she judged undergraduate research posters in clinical and biological sciences and determined the best-in-class student presentations.

Robert Medaska, mathematics/computer science, Petrocelli College (Metro), received a certification from Blackboard, a provider of online education platform, in Course Delivery GUI Administrator and in Community Engagement GUI Administrator along with a Quality Matters Certificate: Teaching Online — An Introduction to Online Delivery. He also is working on a new web video series called “Classic Movies & More” (see and its YouTube channel

René Steinke, English and director of MFA in creative writing (Flor); Guggenheim Fellow for Creative Arts; National Book Award finalist; and author, Friendswood, explored the community’s responsibility for the environment as well as for sexual assault in a talk titled “Two Kinds of Silence” at the Florham Campus on November 17. To read more about the event go to

Eamon Doherty, administrative science and director, Cyber Crime Training Laboratory (Metro), chaired the New Jersey Regional Homeland Security Technology Committee Meetings on September 13 and November 10 at the Commercialization Center for Innovative Technologies in North Brunswick, N.J. A member of the FBI Infragard [a partnership between the FBI and the private sector dedicated to sharing information and intelligence to prevent hostile acts against the U.S.], he learned more about malware investigation at the group’s meeting on September 19 in Raritan, N.J.

David Landau, film (Flor), announces that “The Other F Word,” a comedic coming-of-age webseries about four women friends who deal with the highs and lows of midlife as they reinvent themselves after their kids have grown, has recently gained distribution on Amazon. FDU students and alumni had crewed this independent production, which was filmed during spring break 2016, under Landau’s tutelage. Since being picked up by Amazon, the series has received excellent reviews. To read more about the series go to To watch its first episode for free or to purchase the entire season go to

Erika Oliveros, communications and assistant director, Latino Promise® program, Petrocelli College (Metro), is in her third year as a doctoral student in the Teacher Education and Teacher Development program at Montclair State University. A paper she co-wrote with five other classmates, “Research Reviews of Teachers’ Beliefs: The Heart of the Matter,” has been accepted for presentation in a poster session at the 2017 American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting, which will be held in San Antonio, Tex., in April 2017. AERA received almost 13,000 submissions this year.

Thomas Stavola, English and director, Gene Barnett Speaker Series (Metro), introduced Paula McLain, best-selling author of The Paris Wife and Circling the Sun, who spoke about “Creating Fiction from Real-life Characters” on October 27 at the Metropolitan Campus.

Jarrett Bachman, hospitality/tourism management and coordinator, ISHTM (Van), co-wrote an article on “Angler and Non-Angler Preferences for Value-added, Non-consumptive Products and Services Associated with Charter Boat Trips,” published in the journal Ocean & Coastal Management in October.

Kathleen Stein-Smith, associate University librarian and director of public services, Giovatto Library (Metro), is now a member of the Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Language Advisory Council. In October, she presented on “The Role of Multilingualism in Global Citizenship: The Many Languages One World (MLOW) Essay Contest and Global Youth Forum” at the Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum Consortium Conference held at Drake University in Des Moines, Ia. In addition, her book, The U.S. Foreign Language Deficit and Our Economic and National Security, is now in more than 500 Worldcat libraries, and her article, “Internationalizing the Campus at the Library,” is the lead article in the November issue of Strategic Library. Stein-Smith also says that her Language Matters blog has had more than 17,000 views and her TEDx talk on the U.S. foreign language deficit has been viewed 8,200 times.

Works by Tosun Bayrak, retired, art (Flor), were displayed at the National Reassurance Art Gallery in Istanbul, Turkey, in his solo exhibit “Tosun Bayrak, from 1960 to 2016 ‘Fasa Fiso,’” which ran from October 5 through December 3.

Khyati  Joshi, education (Metro), did a presentation, “Understanding Your Child’s Racial Identity,” on November 14 for the Parenting Center and Elementary PTAs [Parent Teacher Association] at South Mountain School in South Orange, N.J. She discussed how parents should talk to their children about topics related to social justice and diversity.

Ernest “Bub” Kovacs, administrative science (Metro), was elected vice president of the Club 420 Sailing Association, the largest youth-sailing organization that is considered a development class for entry into interscholastic and intercollegiate sailing. Several members of the 2016 USA Olympic team received their early training with the association.

Daniel Cassino, political science and director of experimental research, PublicMind™ (Flor), wrote two articles: “Why Pollsters Were Completely and Utterly Wrong,” for the November 9 issue of Harvard Business Review, and “The ‘Evidence’ That the US Presidential Election Will Have Been Stolen,” posted on the London School of Economics US Centre blog on October 25.

Ajay Garg, administrative science (Van), co-wrote two research papers: “Mapping the Linkage Between Organizational Culture and TQM [Total Quality Management]: The Case of Indian Auto Component Industry,” in Benchmarking: An International Journal, and “Organisational Learning in Management Institution,” in Express, An International Journal of Multi Disciplinary Research.

James Rana, University College (Metro), directed The University Players’ production of Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap at the Metropolitan Campus in November. The cast included Thomas Swanzey, English and associate dean, Petrocelli College (Metro), and Athos Vardouniotis, Petrocelli College (Metro), who also served as assistant director.

A book review by Laurence Winters, interdisciplinary studies and director, BA in interdisciplinary studies (Metro), of Tanya Augsburg’s Becoming Interdisciplinary: An Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies, is scheduled to be published in the winter 2017 issue of IMPACT, the Journal for the Center for Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning. Winters also traveled to Ottawa, Canada, for the annual meeting of the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies, where he represented both FDU and the Association for Teaching Core Texts and Courses.

Jennifer Noon, associate director of athletics, head women’s field hockey coach and head women’s golf coach (Flor), was named Middle Atlantic Conference (MAC) Freedom Coach of the Year for the third consecutive season. She led the Devils field hockey team to a 13-6 record and the No. 1 seed in the November 1, 2016, MAC Freedom Tournament. To read more go to

William “Pat” Schuber, administrative science (Metro), spoke to the Summit Old Guard about “Cuba from Jefferson to Obama” during its meeting on November 22. He also lectured on “Public-Private Partnerships in Infrastructure Improvements” to the honors program students at Drexel University [Philadelphia, Pa.] School of Engineering on October 27. Schuber conducted a three-day Leadership Staff Ride at the site of the Battle of Gettysburg for 50 members of the New Jersey State Association Chiefs of Police. His 2009 article in the Counterterrorism and Homeland Security Journal titled “National Security and Liberty, A Delicate Balance,” was mentioned favorably and incorporated into an article by Seth Tillman, law, Maynooth University, Ireland. The article, “Ex Parte Merryman, Myth, History and Scholarship,” appeared in the latest edition of the Maynooth University’s Irish Law Journal. It examined the facts and law behind this critical post-U.S. Civil War Supreme Court Case, which set forth the importance of the writ of habeas corpus.

Alevoor “Ravi” Rao, computer engineering/computer science (Metro), reports that Daniel Clark, a student he is mentoring, received the Outstanding Poster Award at the Eighth Annual STEM Research Conference organized by Rutgers University’s Garden State Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation. The work was done in collaboration with Maryelena Vargas, nursing and coordinator, doctor of nursing practice program  (Metro).

Ira Jaskoll, Petrocelli College (Metro), and students in his sports marketing class visited the Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center in Little Falls, N.J., and met with Dave Kaplan, museum director. Greg Lockard, president of the New Jersey Jackals minor league baseball team that plays in Yogi Berra Stadium, spoke to the class about marketing the Jackals.

Krista Jenkins, political science and executive director, PublicMind™ (Flor), wrote an op-ed for The Record titled “The Race Is Almost Over,” which was published on November 6. She spoke about political polls and gender at the Mountain Lakes (N.J.) Library in a talk sponsored by the American Association of University Women on October 27.

Jong-Chae Kim, sports administration (Metro), co-presented “Analysis of World Baseball Premier 12 Schedule,” at the annual conference of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences held in Nasville, Tenn., in November. His review of the book Disequilibrium Sports Economics, Competitive Imbalance and Budget Constraints, by Wladimir Andreff, was published in the International Journal of Sport Communication.

In the News …

Scott Behson, management (Metro), was quoted in the Chief Executive article “How CEOs Can Use Flexibility and Vacation in Their Talent Management Strategies” in October.

Christopher Capuano, president, was quoted in the October article “Rita Moreno a Tremendous Hit on NJ Speakers Series Season Opening” and in The Sunday Star-Ledger article “Fairleigh Dickinson University Welcomes New President.”

Rich Higginson, director of market research, PublicMind™ (Flor), was quoted about a PublicMind poll in the New Jersey 101.5 article “We’re Called the Garden State for a Reason — NJ Values Its Farms” in November.

Donald Hoover, hospitality/tourism management (Metro), and Krista Jenkins, political science and executive director, PublicMind™ (Flor), were quoted in the article “Poll: Nearly Half in US Support Legalized Sports Betting,” which was published in various publications and online news outlets including The Washington Post, Taipei Times,, Las Vegas Sun, San Francisco Gate, Fort Worth Star Telegram Online,, The Shelbyville News and Sioux City Journal.

Gabriel Sawma, Becton College (Flor), was quoted in the article “Obama-Clinton’s Anti-Mideast Christian Apartheid,” posted on

Lloyd Ultan, history, Petrocelli College (Metro), was quoted in an article about the renaissance of The Bronx titled “Wie ein Phönix aus der Asche [Like a Phoenix from the Ashes],” published in the September 10 issue of the Austrian newspaper Wiener Zeitung. He also was cited among several authors — including Tom Wolfe, E.L. Doctorow, Avery Corman, Don DeLillo and Mary Higgins Clark — who have written about The Bronx in a November article in The New York Times, “Acclaimed Novels and Memoirs That Call One Borough Home.”

Jessica O’Brien, director of student life (Metro), was quoted in the November Teaneck Daily Voice article “FDU Official Anticipates Most Intense ‘Election Knight Watch’ Yet.”

Daniel Cassino, political science and director of experimental research, PublicMind™ (Flor), was quoted in the following articles in October and November: “Amazing! — New Survey Reveals: 90% of Voters Believe Conspiracy Theories of Trump, Hillary!” (Before It’s News); “The Precarious Masculinity of 2016 Voters” and “Does Cooking Make Men Feel More Masculine? A New Study Suggests That Time in the Kitchen Can Increase Confidence” (The Atlantic); “A Modest Proposal for an Immodest Campaign” (The New Yorker); “‘White Victims, Unite!’: Donald Trump and Republicans Sing the White (Male) Victimology Blues: ‘The Election Is Rigged’ Echoes Cries of ‘Reverse Racism’ — Inside the New Pathology of White Victimhood” (; “A Guide to Donald Trump’s ‘Rigged’ Election: Zombie Democrats, Colluding Reporters and Backstabbing Republicans” (Politico); Clickbait Scoops and an Engaged Alt-Right: Everything To Know About Breitbart News” (The Guardian); “Stephen Bannon, Donald Trump’s Chief Strategist, ‘Happy to Pander’ to Racism But Does He Believe It?” (, and National Post); and “Why It’s Hard to Report ‘the Truth’” (WAAY-TV). He also was quoted in a Business Insider article titled “Trump Has Convinced Republican Men They’re Playing a ‘Zero-Sum’ Game,” which talked about a September 29 report Cassino wrote for the Harvard Business Review on “Why More American Men Feel Discriminated Against” (see

Jocelyn Moses, assistant director of student life for programming (Metro), was quoted in the article “Teaneck Students Come to Terms with Trump Victory” on in November.

Peter Woolley, campus provost (Flor) and senior vice provost for government and community affairs, was quoted in the following articles in October and November: “Trump Out of A.C., but Still an Issue in House Race,” (The Star-Ledger); “Expert: N.J. Lieutenant Governor’s Split With Christie on Gas Tax Is No Misunderstanding” (CBS New York); “‘Bridgegate’ Expected to Narrow Christie Opportunities in Trump White House” and “‘Bridgegate’ Investigator Will Seek Democratic Seat in NJ Governor Race” (; “Failed Polls in 2016 Call Into Question a Profession’s Precepts” (Chicago Tribune, Bloomberg Politics, The Buffalo News, Standard Examiner, The Times-Picayune, The Seattle Times, and St. Louis Post-Dispatch, among others); “Academic Pollsters Didn’t See All Those Trump Voters Coming, Either. Why Not?” (The Chronicle of Higher Education); “Christie to DC? Pundits Chime In” (CBS Philly); and “Expert Rebukes Argument Polling Industry Is ‘Done’ After Trump Win” (Wisconsin Public Radio).

Krista Jenkins, political science and executive director, PublicMind™ (Flor), was quoted in the following articles/broadcasts about various PublicMind polls: “How Low Can He Go? 3 Out of 4 NJ Residents Disapprove of Christie” (New Jersey 101.5, News12 New Jersey,, The Trentonian News, New York Post and MSNBC); “Christie’s Approval Rating Hits an All-time Low” (Politico, and; “N.J. Voters Split on if Trump’s Crude Remarks Disqualify Him for President, Poll Finds” (NJBIZ, and Burlington County Times); “Oh Man! NJ Women Really Don’t Like Trump, Poll Finds” (New Jersey 101.5 and Asbury Park Press); “N.J. Voters Solidly Behind Clinton, Poll Shows” and “North Jersey Casinos Appear Doomed: New Poll Shows Opposition to Ballot Measure Is at 70%” (The Record); and “Clinton Opens Up Wide National Lead” ( and; “7 in 10 Voters Oppose Casino Expansion” (The Star-Ledger, 4NewYork, San Francisco Gate, Miami Herald, Banking Industry Today, The News & Observer, New Jersey 101.5 and WOBM); “NJ Residents Against Casinos: An Official Poll Issued Today Revealed That 70 Percent of Residents Opposed to Casinos” (Focus Gaming News, Casino News Daily, Burlington County Times, Courier Post Online,, and South Jersey News); “Poll Numbers for New Jersey Casino Expansion Get Worse” (NJ Spotlight, Casino Connection, and; “N.J. May Have More Clout on Capitol Hill: Frelinghuysen in Line to Chair Key Committee” (The Star-Ledger and Warren Reporter); “Gaming on Tuesday’s Ballot” (Casino Connection, Sunday Star-Ledger,, and; “Poll: N.J. Voters Say State Not Moving Fast Enough on Renewable Energy” ( and; and “New Jerseyans Want Clean Energy — Choose Renewables Over Fossil Fuel Pipelines, New Statewide Poll Finds” (PRNewswire,, CEO World Magazine, International Business Times and Yahoo Finance).

In Memoriam

Rosina Cancellieri, retired, languages/Spanish (Ruth/Metro), died on October 4 at the age of 105. She joined FDU in 1948 as a part-time instructor in languages and became a full-time instructor in 1961. At FDU, she led several student trips to Spain and Mexico. She retired from FDU in 1980 as associate professor of languages. She is survived by her daughters Linda Cancellieri and Sandra Pappas, four grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. She was predeceased by her husband, Frank Cancellieri, Jr.

Lester Ferguson Jr., MS’85 (Metro), retired, mathematics (Metro/Ruth), died on October 17 at the age of 90. He joined FDU in 1957 as instructor of mathematics and retired in 1992 as associate professor. He is survived by his six children: Diane, Nicola Stephanie, Andrew, Douglas and Jennifer; 12 grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in his name to the Kip Center, 55 Kip Avenue, Rutherford, N.J. 07070 or online at According to Ferguson’s son, Douglas, their family would appreciate hearing the FDU community’s memories of their father. Recollections and stories may be emailed to

James Kuehl, emeritus, philosophy, and retired, University Core director (Flor), died on October 15 at the age of 74. He joined FDU in 1974 as assistant professor of philosophy and retired in 2015. He is survived by his daughters, Rachel and Gwen; his brother, John, and his wife, Linda; and James Kuehl’s former spouse, Ellen. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Lutheran World Relief ( or to UNICEF (


The University welcomes new full-time and part-time employees who joined FDU as of November 10, 2016.

Welcome to Kia Anderson, University admissions counselor, undergraduate admissions (Flor); Delrose Brown, payroll administrator, human resources (Metro); Patrick Duffy, sports information director, athletics (Flor); Anthony Feltre, assistant baseball coach, athletics (Flor); Anthony Giardullo, University admissions counselor, undergraduate admissions (Metro); Laura Hogan, staff nurse, student health services (Metro); Linda Hull, staff nurse, student health services (Metro); Denis Klus, traffic control officer, public safety (Flor); Susan Lee, staff nurse, student health services (Metro); Siobhan Marns, staff nurse, student health services (Metro); Meghan Myers, assistant swim coach, athletics (Flor); Lance O’Donovan, assistant men’s lacrosse coach, athletics (Flor); Joseph Riccelli, traffic control officer, public safety (Flor); Katie Tedesco, secretary, literature/language/writing/philosophy (Flor); and Alicia Torres, assistant director, Educational Opportunity Fund (Flor).