April/May 2016

New Global Business Internship Underway

In line with the University’s strategic plan for all colleges to establish a “Global Option” for students, the Silberman College of Business has established a Global Business Internship Experience (GBIE) that provides business students the opportunity to augment their learning about global business by undertaking an internship in a location other than the United States.

Currently there are two students abroad, one is working for KPMG in Munich, Germany, and the other is working for Novartis in Paris, France. “The University’s partner schools, IESEG in Paris and Zeppelin University in Germany, have been great in supporting our students, and we hope to attract additional students to the global internship next academic year,” said Ethné Swartz, entrepreneurship and associate dean for innovation and strategic initiatives, Silberman College. “Our aim is to attract high-achieving students who wish to truly study business globally.”

The internship may be taken on its own or may be combined with other study-abroad experiences. Students who participate in the Global Business Internship Experience (GBIE) can seek to combine the internship with a semester of study abroad at one of the University’s partner universities. The GBIE, managed in conjunction with partner universities, offers currently registered students the opportunity to experience work and cultural life from an intern’s perspective in an area relevant to their discipline of study. Given the missions of FDU and Silberman College, global internships are a logical extension of the business program.

“Business is global today, and experiential learning in a business abroad can provide our best students with access to sought-after opportunities,” Swartz continued. Such internship experiences can catapult a newly minted undergraduate into some of the most select global rotational programs. According to Swartz, most excellent European schools already require students to study abroad, and students of the University’s partner schools in France and Germany are required to undertake a minimum of one global internship. This is regarded as the best way to be competitive in the job market. “Silberman College would be the first FDU college to support students in finding global internship opportunities, and to assist in making arrangements,” she added.