EndNote is a powerful software program, recommended by the University Library, that helps you organize and manage the information you gather while doing research.

Web-based Version of EndNote

The web-based version is the most user-friendly way to access and use EndNote. This option is recommended for most students. No download is required.


Download EndNote

A more comprehensive version of EndNote is also available for those who need more than the basic functionality of the web-based version. Please note that most students will find this version very difficult to use. It is recommended only for advanced users. Members of the FDU community may download and and use the software both at work and at home. Your FDU Webmail login and password is required to download the software. Visit the following URLs to locate the software:

https://isweb.fdu.edu/secure/download/endnote_download.html (For staff)

https://isweb.fdu.edu/secure/student_download/endnote_download.html (For students)

There is a very detailed manual for EndNote:

  • It is a .pdf file which is installed on your computer along with the other EndNote sofware.
  • You will need software such as Adobe Reader to read it.
  • The default location of the manual on your computer is
    C:Program Files/EndNote/EndNote.pdf

EndNote Tutorials

Self-guided instruction is available at: