Community College Partnership Application

The CCP application form is available online. You may download and print it, and complete it using the following codes. Please mail it to Office of University Partnerships, Fairleigh Dickinson University, 1000 River Rd. Teaneck, NJ 07666 or fax it to 201-692-7359. There is no application fee. If you have questions about the application process please contact 201-692-7310 or

A list of CCP major codes is available below to help you complete the application.

B.A. in Individualized Studies
• Business & Technology BAGS5/BUTN ACC, CUC, GLO, MER, OCC
• Health & Human Services Administration BAGS5/HHS ACC
• Homeland Security Studies BAGS5/HOSC CUC
• Hospitality Management BAGS5/HOSMT ACC, MER, OCC
• Public Service Administration BAGS5/PAM CUC
• Sociology BAGS5/SOC CUC
B.A. in Individualized Studies/M.S. in Hospitality Management Studies BAGS5/HOSP6 MER
B.A. in Communication Studies COMM3 GLO, MER
B.A. in Criminal Justice CRIM2 MER
B.A. in English ENGL2 GLO
B.A. in History HIST2 GLO
B.A. in Humanities HUMN2/LIBSCUC, GLO
B.A. in English/M.A. in Teaching (K-6) ENGL2/QUEST1 GLO
B.A. in English/M.A. in Teaching (K-12) ENGL2/QUEST2 GLO
B.A. in History/M.A. in Teaching (K-6) HIST2/QUEST1 GLO
B.A. in History/M.A. in Teaching (K-12) HIST2/QUEST2 GLO
B.A. in Humanities/M.A. in Teaching (K-6) HUMN2/LIBS/QUEST 1 CUC, GLO
B.A. in Psychology PSYC2GLO
B.A. in Psychology/M.A. in Teaching (K-6) PSYC2/QUEST 1 GLO
M.A. in Teaching (Elem. Education, K-5) MAT8/ELED CUC, GLO
M.A. in Teaching (Biol. Science, K-12) MAT8/BIOSC CUC, GLO
M.A. in Teaching (Chemistry, K-12) MAT8/CHEM CUC, GLO
M.A. in Teaching (English, K-12) MAT8/ENGL CUC, GLO
M.A. in Teaching (Mathematics, K-12) MAT8/MATH CUC, GLO
M.A. in Teaching (Physical Sci., K-12) MAT8/PHYSC CUC, GLO
M.A. in Teaching (Social Studies, K-12) MAT8/SOCST CUC, GLO
M.A. in Education for Certified Teachers
• Literacy/Reading Specialist EDCT8/LRS CUC
• Literacy/Reading & Multisensory Reading EDCT8/LRSMR CUC
M.A. in Educational Leadership EDLS8 GLO
M.S. in Hospitality Management Studies HOSP6 ACC, MER, OCC
Master of Public AdministrationPADM6 CUC
Post-Master’s Principal’s Certification CERT8/PRIN GLO

ACC= Atlantic Cape Community College
GLO= Rowan College at Gloucester County
BUR= Rowan College at Burlington County
MER= Mercer County Community College
CUC= Cumberland County College
OCC= Ocean County College