Organizations of Faith

Hillel-Jewish Student Union

This union strives to celebrate Jewish heritage and culture. The organization creates programs throughout the academic year, from movie nights to Sabbath dinners and holiday parties.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

This group strives to deepen and strengthen the spiritual lives of members by Bible study, prayer, fellowship and services in which students can apply Christian faith to all areas of their lives.

Inspirational Gospel Ensemble

The Inspirational Gospel Ensemble allows all FDU students to exhibit and exercise their vocal, instrumental and other musical talents. It works with the Christian Fellowship to bring awareness of God through music and songs.

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Student Life Office Hours

9AM - 5PM

Monday through Friday


Information Booth Hours

11AM - 11PM

Monday through Sunday


SORC Hours

12PM - 8PM

Monday through Friday


SOBO Hours

12PM - 8PM

Monday through Friday