Fine and Performing Arts


Networking for art majors, portfolio development, art exploration, museum & gallery trips, and showcases on campus.

Building a Syncopated Sound (BASS)

BASS is an organization that aims to provide a foundation to govern the interest and values of undiscovered musical abilities. The club’s focuses are conducive to production, live practice and general interest in the music industry.

Fashion Corps

Fashion Corps alerts individuals to the impact the multi-billion dollar fashion industry has on everyday lives. Creates a friendly and tolerant atmosphere where people are free to voice their opinions and present themselves however they stylishly choose, once appropriate & respectful of others.


This club provides students with the opportunity for creative expressions through dances, step and stroll.

The University Players (TUP)

The University Players (TUP) is the student theater group of the Metropolitan Campus. Membership in TUP is open to all students, faculty and staff who present theatrical performances for the campus community and the public.

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