Types of Funding

The Student Government Association account is divided into SGA Funded Organizations, Non-SGA Funded Organizations, and Allocated Funds, Unallocated Funds (fundraisers, donations, and dues):

A.     Allocated Funds - are funds that are disbursed to clubs and organizations at the begin­ning of the fiscal year. Allocated funds are to be used for the good of the entire club and may not be spent to benefit any individual club member. Clubs and organizations may spend these funds through the Check Request System. Check Requests may be obtained from the Student Comptroller and the Office of Student Life.

The use of allocated funds is governed by the Financial Guidelines, which pro­hibits the use of funds to purchase alcohol, purchase of t-shirts for organization use only, rental of cars, pur­chase of food for private meetings/parties, items purchased for charities, or any other items the Of­fice of Student Life deems inappropriate. Allocated money will be returned to the Student Gov­ernment Association Contingency Account at the end of the fiscal year if unused by the organization by the end of the fiscal year unless deemed otherwise. 

The Student Comptroller maintains a record of funds and monetary transactions for student organizations.

B.     Unallocated Funds - are funds that are generated by organizations through fundrais­ers thus allowing flexibility in expenditures. Monies designated as Unallocated Funds must be deposited with the Office of Student Life and spent through the Check Request System. The use of Unallo­cated Funds for al­cohol and rental cars is prohibited. Unallocated Funds that have not been used by the end of the fiscal year will be carried over to the next fiscal year.

 If a club has been inactive for two years, its un­allocated bal­ance reverts to the Student Government As­sociation Contin­gency Account.

  1. Generated Income - from any source must be deposited in the club's Student Government Association Account. Individual checking/savings accounts are prohibited, ex­cept Fraterni­ties and Sororities, who are not funded by Student Government Association.
  2. Dues - may be collected only by Fraternities and Sororities. Any organization that collects man­datory dues will not receive Student Government Association funds. Dues collected must be deposited in the or­ganization's Student Government Association Account.
  3. Donations - may be collected by a club or organization. Donations collected must be de­posited in the organization's Student Government Association Account.

The Director of Student Life, in consultation with the Student Comptroller, may at any time freeze the funds of an organization, if deemed necessary, because of violation of the financial guidelines.