The Check Request System

Student groups must use the Office of Student Life's Check Request System to ex­pend money from their Student Government Association account. Products or services may not be pur­chased or or­dered until a Check Request is prop­erly completed and approved by the Office of Student Life.  Please refer to the section on cash advances. The amount of a pur­chase is not to exceed the amount approved on the Check Request. Only properly executed Check Re­quests will be honored. Check Requests must be submitted two weeks prior to date needed. Any request that does not follow this guideline will not be honored. 


  • In­voices - will not be paid with­out prior com­pletion of a Check Request and accompanying invoice.
  • Bills - will not be paid with­out a written state­ment or in­voice.
  • Con­tracts – will not be paid with­out a com­pleted Check Request and accompanying contract.
  • Reimbursements-All receipts for reimbursements of program expenses, within the financial guidelines, may be submitted with a check request within five business days of the purchase.

In some instances, it may be necessary for an organization to expend funds prior to an event or prior to receipt of an invoice. In such cases, an advance spending authorization may be granted, if deemed necessary, by the Director of Student Life to process a check.

The Check Request Procedure

  1. Check Requests are available in the Office of Student Life and from the Student Comptrol­ler.
  2. Student organizations will fill out the Check Request, and they must obtain the signatures of the president, treas­urer and advisor of their organization. It is important to check with the organization treasurer to ensure the accuracy of the request.
  3. When the Check Request is approved and signed by the authorized members of the or­ganization, it is re­turned to the Student Comptroller for verification of funds. (Note: no checks will be issued to those organi­zations and clubs with insufficient funds.) The Check Request will be dated and numbered upon re­ceipt. The Student Comptroller will then obtain the sig­natures of the Director and Assistant Director of Student Life, where­upon the Check Re­quest is considered a voucher payable to whomever is desig­nated.
  4. If the request for a Check Request is denied, it will be marked VOID. The person who initi­ated the Check Request will be notified through the organization's mailbox.
  5. Contained on the Check Request Form is Fairleigh Dickinson University's tax-exempt num­ber (#221494434). Tax will not be paid on a purchase or service. Copies of the University tax-exempt certificate can be obtained by the student controller.
  6. A proof of purchase must accompany the Check Request for a check to be drawn (i.e. invoice, receipts, bills).
  7. After services are rendered, checks will be mailed to the supplier from the Office of Student Life. If an organization is ordering supplies or products through mail, the Office of Student Life will mail the order with check. In instances where the vendor or performer needs to be paid on sight or for reimbursement, checks can be picked up by the organization treasurer.
  8. When money is advanced to a student organization, a receipt for the expenditure must be re­ceived within five business days. Failure to produce a receipt will re­sult in the ac­count being frozen until all receipts are received. No new checks will be given to any organizations who have pending receipts to turn in.
  9. If approved, copies of the Check Request are routed in the following manner:
  • Original (white copy) is sent to the vendor with payment.
  • Second (yellow copy) will be kept on file, along with the receipts in the Budget Operations Office.
  • Third (pink copy) is placed in the Check Request Book.