Purchased Equipment

Purchasing equipment with Student Government Association funds places the responsibil­ity for the respective equip­ment with the organization that bought the item(s), Student Government Association however is the owner. All equip­ment purchased with Stu­dent Ac­tivity fee money will be inventoried by the Student Life staff and stored in the Stu­dent Un­ion Building.

When treatment of Student Government Association purchased equipment is deemed irresponsi­ble, the indi­vidual or group can be denied the use of the equipment and/or ac­cess to funds in the future. Like­wise, anything leased, rented, or borrowed, for an approved event, will be the respon­sibil­ity of the sponsoring or­gani­zation.

The Office of Student Life is not liable for any loss by a club or organization. Any such oc­cur­rence must be immediately reported to the Director of Student Life and the Student Comptrol­ler. In the case of stolen equipment, Public Safety must be notified immediately. When exact loss is calculated, the Appropriations Committee will determine if loss was due to negligence. If the or­ganization is deemed negligent, then the organization may be held responsible for loss or damage and it will be billed accordingly.