Deposits and Transfers

Money Deposits

An organization must deposit all funds into its account(s) in the Office of Student Life. All deposits must be either handed to the Student Comptroller or placed in the drop safe which is located in the back of the Information Booth. All deposits must be accompanied by a Deposit Form filled in completley. Organizations can find Deposit Forms in the Student Comptrollers Office and the Information Booth. The Budget Coordinator will credit the organization, and he/she will give the bearer a receipt for the money deposited.

Any club or organization supported with Student Activity fees shall report all dona­tions from all sources to the Student Comptroller and the Office of Student Life in writ­ing. This re­port should include the amount of the donation and any restriction attached to it by the donor. If the donor decides to withdraw his/her donation, then the club will will­ingly refund it. The Student Comp­troller and the Office of Student Life shall be notified of this type of transaction and rea­son for withdrawal. Outgoing donations can only be given from an organizations unallocated account.

Transfer of Funds

A Check Request is not required if one club or organization transfers funds to another club or organization for goods or services. A Check Request form cannot be used. The following is the correct procedure:

  • A Budget Transfer Form should be completed. The presidents and treasurers of the re­spective organizations must sign this form.
  • A Co-sponsorship Form must accompany the previous mentioned form and be signed by all parties included in the transfer
  • Some form of documentation should accompany the budget transfer form (i.e. co-sponsorship agreement, program proposal).
  • The Student Comptroller and the Director of Student Life must approve the Budget Transfer Form.
  • All organizations involved will receive a copy of this form.

Petty Cash

Petty cash is available through the Office of Student Life for use in conjunction with ticket sales and admission costs as well as emergency use. Organizations may make a request for money that may be issued at the discre­tion of the Budget Operations Coordi­na­tor and the Director of Student Life. There must be a written request for petty cash.  There is a limit of $50.00 from petty cash.

Before receipt of funds, the requestor must complete Petty Cash Request slip, as well as a Check Request. Organizations must complete or have a Check Request com­pleted with sig­natures within five (5) business days after receipt of funds. After five (5) days, funds will automatically be deducted from ac­counts. The organization will also be subject to a $25.00 surcharge.

Stop Payment Guidelines for Lost/Void Checks

In the event a check is either lost or misplaced, it is crucial that a stop payment is issued on the check.  When the comptroller is notified or learns of the lost check, a bank fee will be deducted from the respective organization account.  After the check is stopped, the Student Comptroller will issue a replacement check if needed. In the event of a check being cut that is not needed, the check must be returned to the Student Comptroller so that they can mark the check as VOID. If the actual check is returned by the organization, no stop payment fee will be charged and the amount of the check will be deposited into the organization account.