Conventions and Conferences


1. An organization's funds can be used to subsidize activity-related travel if:

  • It is approved by the Office of Student Life and in an organization’s budget.
  • A Check Request is approved with the approximate amounts indicated.
  • Limits are set at $0.49 per mile.

 2. A Travel Expenditure Report, which can be obtained from the Student Comptroller will be hon­ored given the following criteria:

  • All receipts for tolls and parking are furnished.
  • Exact mileage is provided.
  • All necessary documents must be submitted within three (3) business days of returning from the trip.

3. Only an organization's members are permitted to travel in a non-University vehicle when funds for such transportation have been allocated. A non-university vehicle is subject to approval by the Director of Student Life and the Student Comptroller. Every effort should be made to use a university shuttle.

4. Student Government Association funds cannot be used for private limousine service or any other luxury vehicles, espe­cially when transpor­tation is needed to and from an airport or train station except in the case of transporting contracted entertainment vendors to and from campus.

5. If the destination is beyond 300 miles from campus, then the organization may re­quest funds for air­fare.

Conventions and Conferences

1. Individuals sponsored by a club or organization funded by Student Government Association are eligible for confer­ence travel if they meet the following criteria:

  • Student must be in good academic standing with the University (GPA: 2.5 or higher).
  • Student must be an active member of the organization.
  • Student may not have attended another conference or convention during the current aca­demic year. Exceptions may be made if the student is presenting at the conference, on the conference committe or on the executive board of the organization sponsoring the conference

2.  The advisor of the organization must attend the conference or convention.  No organization will be able to attend a conference without an advisor.  No Exceptions! One hundred percent (100%) of the advisor's cost will be paid from the group's reve­nue.  If the organization has no revenue the appropriations committee may approve funding for the advisor.

3. It is expected that the organization will secure the most cost-efficient ac­commodations and mode of transportation.

4. Appropriated funds must be used as stated. Unused funds must be returned to the Office of Stu­dent Life within three (3) business days following the event. Fail­ure to comply with this guideline will re­sult in freezing of the respective organization's funds until the receipts are received.

5. Samples of publications such as agenda and bruchure must be submitted to the Office of Student Life prior to departure for the conference and an attendance list and samples of conference material must be pre­sented to Stu­dent Government Association and the Office of Student Life no later than two weeks after the confer­ence. The organization’s advisor must also submit a report to the Office of Student Life.

The Appropriations Committee will make exceptions to the aforementioned travel rules, if deemed necessary.