Ticket/Admission Policy

Tickets & Admission for Events On & Off-Campus

1.      Clubs/organizations sponsoring trips and events must register theirevent with the Office of Student Life & sell tickets/admission through theStudent Union Information Desk.

2.     A member of the sponsoring organization, theiradvisor, and the Director of Student Life or his/her designee must sign a TicketSales Authorization Form, available at the Office of Student Life.

3.     Ticket sales to thestudent body must begin a minimum of two (2) weeks before the event.

4.      Refunds will not be given, except at the discretion of The Director ofStudent Life, who may issue refunds for weather cancellations or campusclosures.

5.     Exchanges of tickets/admission for events are nothonored under any circumstances.

6.     A Ticket SalesAuthorization Form must be completed no later than a week before the datetickets are placed on sale.

7.     All Student Life/StudentOrganization events that host 50 or more participants and is open to guests(non FDU students) must sell admission in advance through the SUB Info Booth.Under no circumstances will admission be sold at the door for this type ofevent ie: Fashion Show, SPB Big Event, Diwali, Winter Ball.

8.      Allmonies collected during ticket sales at an event must be deposited immediatelyafter the event in the Office of Student Life safe located at the InformationBooth and cannot be used to pay for expenses at the event.

9.     At events, all guests willbe required to present their ID, which will be scanned, and kept on file. Thename on the presented ID must match the identified guest name on file with theoffice. If the name on the guest IDs does not match the name on the guestticket, neither the student nor the guest will be admitted to the event. 

10. If the transportation isprovided by Fairleigh Dickinson University, ticket holders are required to usethe respective transpor­tation to and from the event.

SpecialNotes for Broadway Shows

            The Office of Student Lifereserves the right to give students first priority in terms of availability ofBroadway Show tickets. Tickets for faculty/staff/guests are sometimes availableif the show does not sell out prior to the date of faculty/staff sales, whichare always at a date later than the initial sale, which is only for students.We kindly remind our FDU community that we are a tuition driven institution; itis our duty to give students every opportunity to take advantage of programsoffered before those who do not pay tuition.