Office of Student Life

As the center of campus community life, the Office of Student Life is an integral part of the educational mission of Fairleigh Dickinson University, Metropolitan Campus. By offering a variety of programs, services, and facilities that meet the needs of the FDU Community, we create an environment for individuals to interact and learn from one another.

Student at Dickinson Hall LOGOWe provide opportunities for student, faculty, and staff involvement in campus life.

The Office of Student Life, a student-centered organization, values participatory decision making, self-directed activity, and the open exchange of ideas. Through service to the campus community in volunteerism, committees, and student employment opportunities, we foster interactive and developmental experiences in leadership and social responsibility. Furthermore, we enhance the academic experience through an extensive array of cultural, educational, recreational, social, and leadership programs. Thus, developing well-rounded and confident citizens of the world.Students on Wall LOGO

The Office of Student Life honors individuality and values the diversity of the campus. We provide opportunities to celebrate traditions that will shape our future. We are committed to fostering a community that cultivates enduring dedication and pride in the University community. Therefore, making Fairleigh Dickinson University the global institution of choice.

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We are currently accepting applications from incoming freshmen students to be a part of Peer Leaders Against Negativity Mentoring Program. Click the link below to apply!

P.L.A.N. Application

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Student Life Office Hours

9AM - 5PM

Monday through Friday


Information Booth Hours

11AM - 11PM

Monday through Sunday


SORC Hours

12PM - 8PM

Monday through Friday


SOBO Hours

12PM - 8PM

Monday through Friday