Student Health Assistants

This position is for the Summer of 2017. More specifically this position runs from June 5 to August 26, 2017, and according to the FDU Summer Employee Schedule, weekdays (9 am to 5 pm,) with the exception of 8 Fridays off. This position provides diversified administrative and clerical support for Student Health Services. Responsibilities include performing paraprofessional work in the maintenance of medical records in Student Health Services – Metropolitan Campus (SHSMetro). Student Health Services will carefully select candidates who are mature and hard-working individuals. Student Health Assistants are expected to possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills for dealing with new students as well as co-workers. Student Health Assistants are expected to represent the University in a positive manner at all times and uphold Fairleigh Dickinson University policy.

Candidates must be a full-time undergraduate or full-time 5 year combined degree student. Furthermore, candidates must have an academic standing of 2.7 GPA or greater to be considered for the student health assistant position. Candidates are expected to submit a resume, as well as two (2) letters of recommendation.

If you or someone you know is interested in the positions you may download the application, or you may pick up an application at Student Health Services in the Student Union Building.

If you have any questions you may email or call our office at (201) 692-2437.