Requesting A Roommate

The Requesting a Roommate feature will go live on Wednesday, April 5. Only students who submitted their Housing Application & $200 deposit by the April 1 deadline will be searchable.

Below are the 6 steps for Requesting a Roommate:

1.   Log-in to MyHousing.

2.   Under the “Room Selection” tab, select “Roommates/Suitemates”.

          Note: The “Select a Room or Suite” option will be visible, however, it will only be available to students
          on days and times they are qualified to selection a room.

3.   On the same screen, at the pull-down menu for “Select A Term”, select “Metro Fall 2017”.

4.   You will be able to perform a “Simple Roommate Search” or an “Advanced Roommate Search”:

          Simple Roommate Search-
You have a specific person you would like to request as your roommate.
          Enter their first name, last name, or FDU email address to search for them in MyHousing.

          Advanced Roommate Search- You are interested in searching the database for other students with
          the first name “XXXXXX”, last name “XXXXXX”, based on their Current Major, or preferences they  
          indicated on their housing application related to Study Environment, Sharing, Music or Smoking.

                  Example 1: If you enter the following information and conduct a search, a list will be generated of
                  all biology majors named Pierce who are non-smokers:

                            First Name:  Pierce          Major:  Biology          Smoking Preference:  A non-smoker

                  Example 2: If you only select Psychology in the “Academic Major” section, a list will be generated 
                  of all psychology majors.

          Note: Only students who submitted their Housing Application & $200 deposit by the April 1
          deadline will be searchable.

5.   If you conduct an “Advanced Roommate Search”, each student that appears in your search results will yield the below information. When you are ready to submit your request, in the “Options” section, if you click “Request This Student”, the student will receive a notification that you have requested them:

  • Basic
  • Other Attributes
  • Brief Profile
  • Options

        Note: The following message will appear if you are the first person in your group making the  
        roommate request:

        “You have an unmatched roommate group.”

6.   If you receive a roommate request from another student, the following options will appear and you will be prompted to “Accept/Decline Pending Roommate Requests”.

Once you have made a decision, please select “Decline” or “Confirm”:

  • Decline
  • Confirm (Accept)
  • View Profile
  • Send Message

        Note: The following message will appear once you accept a roommate request from another student
        or your requested roommate accepts your request.

        “Your roommate group is fully matched.”