Prohibited & Restricted Items

Certain items are prohibited in the residence halls for safety and security purposes. These included, but are not limited to, the following items:

Air Conditioners; Air Freshener Plug-Ins; Alcoholic Beverages; Alcoholic containers (open or unopened); Alcoholic paraphernalia (eg., keg taps, bongs, funnels); Ammunition; Blenders; Burners of any type; Candles; Coffeemakers; Decorative Strings of Lights; Electric frying pans; Extension cords; Fireworks or explosives; Flame-Emitting Articles; Flammable liquids; Flammable liquids and other similar materials; Flammable plants (ie., punks); Furniture - extra furniture is not allowed (eg., sofas, beds, desks, chairs); grills (indoor or outdoor) of any kind including electric, gas or coal; Firearms and/or guns of any type including BB guns, pellet guns, and water guns; Halogen lamps; Heaters of any type; Heating coils; Holiday trees or other live items such as sprays of green and wreaths, Christmas tree lights, etc., are not permitted in the residence halls; Hookahs; Hot Flammable liquids; Hotplates; Hotpots; Illegal drugs & Drug paraphernalia (eg., bongs, roaches); Illegal Knives (as defined by New Jersey law); Incense; Lava Lamps; Microwaves; Ovens; Pets (only small non-poisonous fish in a tank not to exceed 5 gallons in size permitted); Potpourri burners; Power tools (large);Refrigerators larger than 4.4 cubic ft.; Rice cookers; Routers; Slow or pressure cookers; Smoothie makers; Space heaters; Toasters (only permitted in the kitchen area of residence halls with full kitchens);Water gel or loft bed;Weapons of any type (eg., sling shots, chukka sticks, knives, Chinese stars, bows and arrows, or any other dangerous instruments);Weightlifting Equipment (large).

The following electrical appliances are authorized for use in student rooms if an Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., label (UL label) is on the appliance: surge protectors, televisions, stereo component systems, clocks, fans, hair dryers, hair setters, Keurig (single serve without a hotplate), personal refrigerators or microfridges rented from the University approved vendor must be under 4.4 cubic ft. (only one is allowed in any residence hall space), and personal computers.

Confiscated items become property of the University and will be discarded or, when possible, donated to a local charity. Items will not be returned to residents. A minimum fine of at least $50 will be issued for each item confiscated.