How To Apply For Housing

How to Apply for Housing:

Once you have submitted your housing deposits (Residence Hall Deposit & Damage Deposit), the next step is to complete your online housing application. You are just one click away from applying for housing on the Metropolitan Campus. You will need your FDU email address and password in order to begin the online housing application. Please follow the instructions below to apply online for housing.

IMPORTANT: After you create your FDU Webmail Account, please wait 72 hours before attempting to log-in to MyHousing to apply for housing. Your FDU Webmail Account information must be pulled into the MyHousing system before you are able to access the site. If you attempt to apply immediately after creating your FDU Webmail Account, you will receive an error message. 

  Step 1 -  Log-in to MyHousing to begin the online housing application process using your FDU Webmail 
                     username and password. If you do not have an FDU Webmail account, please review the 
                     information on our "Before You Apply for Housing" section on how to create one.

  Step 2 -  Under "Applications", select one of the following:

                  FIRST-YEAR & NEW STUDENTS, select New Student Housing Application
(this includes all new international, domestic, and transfer students)

                  RETURNING STUDENTS, select Returning Student Housing Application (this includes 
                  commuter students.)

                   Note: Students interested in housing for the Spring semester only would complete a Spring
                   semester Housing Application. This application will be available during the middle of the
                   preceding Fall semester.

 Step 3 -  Sign your Housing & Meal Plan Contract: In order to begin your Housing Application, you
                   must first accept the terms & conditions of the Housing & Meal Plan Contract. Please read
                   carefully through the Housing & Meal Plan Contract section. Once you type your name in the 
                   electronic signature box,  and select "continue", you have agreed to the terms of the Housing
                   & Meal Plan Contract for the full academic year.

Step 4 - In the "Personal Information" section, you will need to provide important information, indicate 
                  some preferences, and select your meal plan (required for all students living in the residence
                  halls with the exception of graduate students.)

                  At question #7, "Student Status", please select one of the the following options:

                   FIRST-YEAR & NEW STUDENTS (international, domestic, and transfer students)

                   RETURNING RESIDENT STUDENTS (resident for full 2014-15 academic year or Spring 2015)

                   COMMUTER STUDENTS (students that currently commute)

Step 5 - In the "Living Requests" section, you will have the opportunity to rank your preferred residence
                  hall (Lindens, University Court, or Northpointe) in the order of where you desire to live most on 
                  campus and/or room type (single, double, or triple).

                  Note: All first-year freshmen are assigned to the Lindens with the exception of those students 
                  accepted into one of our Special Living Options. If you are interested in residing in one of our
                  Special Living Options, you would indicate this in the "Personal Information" section of the 
                  application. Please keep in mind that you must first apply for admission and be accepted into
                  the desired program before you are assigned to one of the SLOs. First-year freshmen are not
                  eligible to request a single room.

Step 6 - Once you have completed the online Housing Application, you will receive a "Thank You" page 
                  with further information. If you do not see this screen, you have not completed the
A copy of the "Thank You" page and a pdf version of your Housing & Meal Plan
                  Contract will also be emailed to your FDU Webmail account.

Technical Issues

If you are having any technical issues applying online, please send an email, with Subject “Applying Online Technical Issue” to Attach a screen shot of the error message you are receiving, and a description of the issue you are experiencing, so that we may better assist you.

       Include the following information in your email:
       Your full name
       FDU student ID number
       Term you are applying for housing (ie., Spring 2015, Fall 2015..)

If you are having trouble creating a new FDU Webmail Account, please contact UTAC (University Technical Assistance Center) at (973) 443-8822 or