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Our first annual Metropolitan Campus Earth Day Celebration was a HUGE success!  The day was filled with fun information about how to save our planet! Below are some highlights from the day...

GCC_EarthDay035 HALF

GCC_EarthDay007 FULL

GCC_EarthDay014 FULL

GCC_EarthDay028 FULL

GCC_EarthDay043 FULL

GCC_EarthDay049 FULL

GCC_EarthDay051 FULL

2008-2009 COMMITTEES

  • Recycling
  • Energy Conservation
  • Greenhouse Restoration


Our meetings are held monthly at the centrally located Metropolitan Club in Alumni Hall.  If you are member of the Metropolitan Campus and are interested in joining the Green Campus Committee please contact either Alice Benzecry at benzecry@fdu.edu or Cynthia Radnitz at cynthia_radnitz@fdu.edu.

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