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Attention gardeners:
the Metro Greenery is open to campus staff, faculty and students

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If you would like to use the greenhouse please contact Dr. Alice Benzecry via e-mail or call 201-692-2385.
Please click here for the Metro Greenery Policy.

2014 Committee Meeting: April 30th
3 PM in Robison Hall 



April 16, 2014 Earth Day Celebration
Hackensack RiverKeeper at Metro Campus!

POSTER CONTEST and Sustainability Conference
Reevaluting Perceiptions
Ruth Swartz reading room
Giovatto Library, 5:30-9:00 PM

On Wednesday, April 16th, 2013 we will celebrate Earth Day on the Metropolitan Campus!  This celebration is held from 11:30 AM – 3 PM, on the Green in front of the new Garden between Becton Hall and University Court.  Make a campus-wide effort to think about environmental issues: RECYCLE your old BOOKS and small electronics; Enjoy the green space around campus.  Activities include a river clean-up, outdoor games, and information about environmental friendly organizations and products.  Additionally, our Plant Sale includes flowers and herbs grown in our own campus greenhouse.Check your knowledge with Environmental Jeopardy and thanks our Academic Advising Center for the board donation.

  • Students in English classes could write a descriptive essay about their trip down the river, or a persuasive essay about the information they acquired from vendors at the event.
  • Students in a Psychology class studying behavior change could explore theories that might be useful in increasing recycling or other pro-environmental behavior.
  • Students in a History class could research the political support for and opposition to environmental regulation.

Our meetings are held monthly at a central location on the Metropolitan Campus so everyone can walk rather than drive to our meeting. If you are member of the Metropolitan Campus and are interested in joining the Green Campus Committee please contact either Alice Benzecry at or Cynthia Radnitz at 


  • Set your office copy machine to automatically double side
  • Use email to distribute memo's rather than interoffice
  • Don't use fax cover sheets - try a small sticker instead
  • Make your margins smaller on all printed documents
  • Use online forms and online registration
  • Turn lights/radios/TVs and electronics off/
    UNPLUG when not in use
  • Close windows and blinds before leaving for the day
  • Use reusable coffee cups and water bottles
  • Order "Green" friendly office products
  • Recycle paper and plastics


Meetings with our Buildings and Grounds Department on the Metropolitan Campus have revealed that, at this time, the most meaningful way to impact the university about energy and recycling is through education programs. The Green Campus Committee has developed a Power Point Presentation to be presented to either Faculty/Staff or Student groups. We are happy to present this material to various groups throughout the academic year.

We are posting the Power Point here on our website for public use however we request that you please acknowledge the Green Campus Committee as the source. If you have any questions regarding the presentation please contact Cynthia Radnitz at

Green Campus Committee Presentation

SUMMER 2011 Events

The Gazebo and new vegetation now overlook the Hackensack River thanks to the Class of 2011 and the Campus Provost, Beth Reuse, Facilities, committee members and Alumni.

GREEN Turkish Delight

 Located at the Gediz University in Izmir, the International Symposium on Environmental Protection and Planning using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) on June 28 and 29, 2011 brought together multi-cultural ideas with a common interest of using geospatial technology (GIS) to support researchers and scientists in a dialogue for environmental planning and policy guidelines. Dr. Alice Benzecry, Green Campus co-Chair and committee member Joan Leder joined a group of environmental scientists from the United States that traveled to Turkey for this event. All presentations at the Symposium were displayed in English, with teams from the United States, Iran, Egypt and Turkey explaining the use of GIS in their research and environmental protection strategies.

011GreenLeader HALFDr. Alice Benzecry, Moderator, International Symposium on Environmental Protection and Planning, using GIS and RS in Izmir, Turkey



GREEN Summer Scholars

The 2011 High School Environmental Leaders  was directed by committee person, Joan Leder.  Professors Alice Benzecry, Lorraine Caruso, Eamon Doherty, Joseph Labriola, Marion McClary, and Josh Stout along with campus staff such as Nayana Vlaida, Scott Fisher, Sai Sankar, Maria L Kocylowsky and Kathy Stein-Smith greeted students with smiles and hands-on learning activities.   Two trips to Indian Pond yielded plant samples and identification while students learned that “3 leaves are NOT for me” about Poison Ivy. Donations from Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve and the NJ State Forest Nursery greenhouse introduced students to the value of planting native NJ wildflowers and Red Oak seedlings near local streams.

In addition to FDU resources, these Environmental Leaders had an opportunity to participate in training from NJ Department of Environmental Protection. Seth Hackman instructed on the NJ-GeoWeb online mapping, used for the NJ Volunteer Water Monitoring program.  Jillian Agnello, the 2010-2011 Watershed Ambassador for the Hackensack Watershed Management Area, number 5, provided certified water assessment training. Water and Soil Assessments at the Metro Greenery brook and adjacent pond created an appreciation for how water and soil quality are measured, including proper biological monitoring techniques.

011GreenHSL LOGODr. Marion McClary seives through specimen from the Metro Greenery brook to illustrate macro-invertebrate sampling for the HS Environmental Leaders


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The Green Campus Committee is committed to promoting environmental stewardship and sustainability on the Metropolitan Campus of Fairleigh Dickinson University as part of the University’s overall mission emphasizing global citizenship. Faculty, staff, administrators, and students work together on projects that reduce the effect of the University’s activities on the environment at the same time we make members of the university community aware of how human pursuits impact the planet and what they can do to minimize this impact in their own lives.

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Green Presentation

NJ Landscape Project
(Governor Christie Administration)

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Hackensack Riverkeeper

Teaneck Creek Conservancy

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