Prevent Auto Theft

Car thieves, like home burglars, generally have an easy time of it.  Their thievery is made simple by car owners who obligingly leave doors unlocked or who leave keys in the ignition.  You can greatly increase your protection against this type of crime by taking the following sensible precautions.

  1. Never leave your keys in an unattended card.  Always lock you car.
  2. Avoid leaving a car unattended in public parking lots for an extended period of time.  Park in well-lighted and designated areas.
  3. Never attach a tag with your name and address to your key ring.
  4. Whenever possible, turn wheels sharply toward the curb or in the lot when parking, making it extra difficult for thieves to tow your car.
  5. Lock all doors and roll up windows whenever leaving the car unattended.
  6. Don't leave valuable possessions visible in your car.  Remove CD players, GPS, CB radios and antennas when possible.  Secure them in your trunk.
  7. With an electric engraver mark your driver's license number on your CD players, GPS and CB's.  Participate in "Operation Identification."
  8. Never leave the car registration or your driver's license inside the car.  Carry these items in your wallet.  If you don't, thieves will be able to produce legitimate documents when stopped by Police.
  9. Install non-flared door locking buttons to discourage thieves with coat hangers.
  10. Consider the purchase and installation of security devices such as:
    • Interior hood lock and release
    • A second ignition switch or "Kill Switch."
    • An alarm device, which will activate a siren, horn or lights, or all three to frighten the thief away before he/she is able to steal your car
    • A locking gas cap
    • A fuel switch, which prevents fueld from reaching the carburetor

Report any suspicious activity to the Department of Public Safety immediately.