Is Your Office Door Locked?

  1. Do not leave purses on your desk in plain view.  Lock them in desk drawer or somewhere out of sight.
  2. Personal property should be marked with our Driver's License number.  Participate in Operation Identification Program.
  3. Lock your personal property in your desk, do not leave the reception area unattended.  If you must leave your office unattended, lock the door during your absence.
  4. When working alone or after normal business hours, lock the office doors.
  5. Report all suspicous persons and activities to Public Safety.
  6. Visitors should be escorted to the proper office or remain with the receptionist until someone comes for them.
  7. University keys should be kept separate from personal keys.  These keys should be safeguarded at all times.  Do not loan your keys to anyone.  Do not leave them lying around in public places or in your coat or jacket pocket when you are not wearing it.  If you lose them or they are stolen, notify Public Safety immediately.
  8. When you leave your office or room, make sure that: 
          - All windows are closed and locked.
          - All valuable items are under lock and key
          - All desks and files are locked  
          - All doors are closed and locked