On-Campus Placement Testing Registration

Sign up here for on-campus placement testing.

In order to have your course schedule completed during your overnight orientation session, it is crucial that you complete placement testing before attending orientation.

You have two options for taking the placement test: either at home using your personal computer through a monitored (proctored) website, or at a computer lab on campus during one of the scheduled on-campus testing days. Both tests are exactly the same.

Option 1: Online

If you prefer to have your placement tests proctored online at your own home, particularly if you live a distance from campus, please refer back to the voucher that was mailed to you with the Orientation brochure for next steps in the online proctoring process. If you cannot locate your testing voucher, please contact the Orientation Office at 201-692-2190 and they can resend the voucher information to you. DO NOT fill out this form.

Option 2: On-campus

Use the form below to register for testing on the Metropolitan campus — only if you choose not to take the test at home. The on-campus placement test is the exact same test that you will take if you choose to take the test on your own computer at home, and is designed primarily for students who live close to the Metropolitan Campus.

Please select one of the following dates that is BEFORE the orientation session that you will attend. A confirmation email with additional details will be emailed to the email address you supply below. Questions? Please contact the Academic Resource Center at metrotesting@fdu.edu or 201-692-2076.

See the form below for dates, times, and locations of the placement testing.

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