Office of the Dean of Students, Metropolitan Campus

Dean of Students Building LOGOThe Office of the Dean of Students serves as an advocate for students and is responsible for overall coordination of disciplinary matters, student government advisement, student handbook, orientation, honors convocation and commencement.

The Office of the Dean of Students deals primarily with non-academic matters. Generally, students should contact their academic deans for academic issues. However, the Dean of Students Office is available to respond to all aspects of students' needs and should be used to mediate and resolve difficulties. All students and their families and other supporters are welcome to contact the office for general assistance and direction.

Voter Registration Information

This information is regarding voter registration for college students. If college students want to register to vote in New Jersey they must follow the standard application process: every prospective voter must submit a voter registration application. Please be advised that students are to complete and return their registration forms to the state prior to the registration deadline.

The registration deadline to vote is 21 days prior to Elcetion Day.

If you have any questions more information is available on the New Jersey Divisionof Elections website at:

Contact Info

Office Location

867 SUB Lane
Phone: (201) 692-2190
Fax: (201) 692-2188
Mail Stop: T-DS1-01
Hours: Monday - Friday, 9 AM to 5PM and by appointment


Vidal Lopez
Dean of Students

Childerick Barthelus
Assistant Dean of Commuter Affairs and Special Projects

Stephen G. Dembowski
Assistant Dean of Students for Athletic Engagement and Judicial Affairs

Lois Smart
Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Students

Mailing Address

Dean of Students Office
1000 River Road, T-DS1-01
Teaneck, NJ 07666