e-Books in WebCampus


Information for Faculty


Recommended general process:

1. Start in the FDU Library catalog: CoolCAT NJ – Click on “Library” in the footer on any FDU web page, then select “Search Library Catalog.”

2. Search for book by Keyword, Title, Author, or another method.

3. Select the e-book you want by clicking on the title on the results list.

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the record and right-click on the “Linked Resources” hyperlink. Copy the link (or shortcut) to your clipboard.

5. Paste the copied link into the “URL” box when you are creating an external link in a Webcampus course, or in the text box for a course content item in Webcampus.

6. Students following the link while on campus will see the item open in their browser. Students following the link while off campus will be asked to enter their FDU Webmail address and password to have their access authenticated.

Alternative for additional Ebook Central  materials:

Some non-book materials are available through ebrary but are not accessible through the Library catalog, CoolCAT NJ. These materials include some reports, journals and other content such as maps and charts. It is possible to search for them through the ebrary site and to post URLs for the materials in Webcampus. To give off-campus users access to these materials it is necessary to create a link that includes FDU’s remote authentication server (EZProxy) information. Use the following procedure:

1. Search for the material on the Ebook Central.

2. Copy the bookmark from the Ebook Central reader by clicking on the “Info Tools” button and selecting “Copy Bookmark” from the resulting pull-down menu.

3. Paste the copied bookmark into the location of your choice in Webcampus.

4. Add FDU’s remote authentication server (EZProxy) information directly in front of the URL you have just pasted. Make sure there is no space between the EZProxy information and the copied URL. The EZProxy information is as follows: https://libaccess.fdu.edu/login?url=

5. The resulting “combined” URL can be used as either an external link or as a course content item as described in the general process above. It will look something like this:

 ( https://libaccess.fdu.edu/login?url=http://ebookcentral.proquest.com/lib/fdu-ebooks/home.action)

6. It is possible to link to specific chapters or pages in Ebook Central e-books using this method.

Note: This procedure works only with Ebook Central materials. For EBSCO eBook Collection materials, use the recommended general process detailed above.

Please contact any reference librarian for assistance in setting up these links.

Giovatto Library: x- 2100

College at Florham Library: x- #8516