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About us:
The FDU Digital Projects Committee was formed in 2007 by Technical Services and Digital Projects Librarian Brigid Burke. The committee is charged with prioritizing digitization projects for the FDU community, as well as creating a digitization policy and establishing minimum quality standards for materials. All digital projects that appear in the FDU Digital Archive must be approved by the Digital Projects Committee, and discussed with the Technical Services and Digital Projects Librarian.

Digital Project Committee Criteria and Policy

Committee members were selected  from the libraries based on their involvement with historical university materials. The members are:

  • Brigid Burke : Technical Services and Digital Projects Librarian. Responsible for maintaining the digital archive.
  • Maria Kocylowsky: Director of the North Jersey Heritage Center and Business Reference Library. Previously served as the New Jersey Librarian, very familiar with university history and history of materials.
  • Richard Goerner: University Archivist at North Jersey Heritage Center. Responsible for all university archival materials, deals primarily with materials from Teaneck-Hackensack campuses.
  • Eleanor Friedl: Curator of most Special Collections at Florham-Madison campus library, and responsible for maintaining the Florham Estate Archive.
  • Paul Dunphy: Head Reference Librarian at the Giovatto Library on the Metropolitan Campus. Coordinates library instruction and research projects including several involving university archival material.  Initiated digitization of FDU Metro Newspapers and FDU Magazine as well as Audobon Society newletters.

Submitting Digital Projects:
The Committee welcomes project requests from all faculty and staff in the FDU community. If you would like to submit a project for the digital archive, please print and fill out the form below. Instructions for the form are also included below. The form should be sent to: Brigid Burke, Library at the Monninger Center, M-LA0-03.

Questions? Call or e-mail Brigid Burke: x8514,

Project Form instructions
Project Form