Media and Online Research Resources




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The best resources for your college success are available through your campus library. It has been demonstrated that students who use the library have a better chance at academic success.

Whether you are studying on-campus and cannot get to the library or you are an online student living too far away,  the Giovatto Library's resources are always available to you. Below you will find the online and media tools that will enhance your college research.

If you have any questions, please contact the Reference Librarian at the Giovatto Library - and remember, you can contact us by phone, chat or e-mail or, preferably, come see us  in person.

Paul Dunphy, Head Reference Librarian - e-mail:      phone: 201-692-2140


Video tutorials on e-books, research and more. Instructive videos to help you with your research.

Giovatto Library Research Guides.   Informative guides to help you with research for your subject

Podcasts   Audio resources for research. Accessing e-books, Online Library, Contacting a Librarian, Test Your Library Skills, You have your first what?

Youtube   Accessing information at the library. Paul Dunphy, Head Reference Librarian,on how to access e-books. Jessie Ribustello on The 3D Printer

Giovatto Library Promo . Discussion of the relevance of the Giovatto Libary for today's student.

Wroxton College Library Catalog.  A list of books in the library at Wroxton College in England.  Created by librarian Andrew Rose.