During one’s college career (and after), the need to present before an audience will come up frequently. It is good to prepare not only by practice but also to examine sources from the library which will help the presenter to prepare.

To find books on Presentation, go to and click on Libraries from the Web Shortcuts drop down box.

On the left side, click Search Library Catalog and enter your search terms:

“Presentation” brings up 2502 results so you may want to be more specific. Adding the term “business” in Advanced Search narrows the results to 139. These results include:

10 steps to successful presentations

Art of the pitch : persuasion and presentation skills that win business / Peter Coughter

Better presentations : a guide for scholars, researchers, and wonks / Jonathan Schwabish.


The Online Library can also be of assistance in finding material about presenting.

A search using ProQuest Research also brings in over 2000 results so,  again, you may want to narrow your search and use different terms to say the same thing. “Delivering Presentations” narrows the results  to 354.


There are several websites which can assist you in polishing your presentation:

How to Give a Killer Presentation - Harvard Business Review                                                                                                                                                                                       

When searching sources on the Internet, be sure to select carefully. Always check to find out who created and/or sponsors the website. This can be done by clicking on “About Us” or any other feature which will give information about the people behind the website.

And, remember, the librarians are professionals who can always help you find the best resources. You can call us, chat with us or e-mail us with questions. Of course, you can always come see us in person.

Paul Dunphy    6/17