Marketing Research Guide

The concept of marketing covers a wide range of services from sales, product promoting, consumer behavior study to public relation of all sorts. As a world leader in the marketing industry, American institutions recruit many talents from different fields such as art, literature, mathematics, computer science, etc. Medison Ave, a street in New York City and only 15 miles from FDU metropolitan campus, has been the metonym with the American advertising industry since 1920s.


If you have a chance to check out our career related database, the Ferguson's Career Guidance Center, you will find many job titles related to marketing from product research to consumer study, and to public relation. This is a great tool for you to explore the possible career option in this field. Much of the information you find in this database can also guide your current studies in FDU.


There are many books on the subject of marketing in our library system. To find them, search our online catalog, CoolCat, try keywords such as: Marketing



Consumer behavior

Product promot? (The ? here is used for truncation.)


Public relation? Just to name a few.

Our online databases and e-books can be accessed 24/7. This is the section of the library that never closes. All you need is a valid FDU webmail account to access all our online resources. As of this writing, we have over 100 online databases, and more than one-third of our book collection is now in e-book format and growing. Just like many professional researchers, former FDU students had chosen marketing as their topics for master thesis or doctoral dissertation. You can find them with a simple online catalog search. They are all located onsite as reference material in two separate rooms - the Sammartino Room and the Adams' Room. Depending on the complexity of your study in marketing, many of our library databases can be helpful. For example, if you are writing a short essay about a popular topic, you might want to use the multi-disciplinary databases like Academic Search Premier, or ProQuest Research Library. However, if you have a research project on a specific topic in marketing, you need to utilize the special databases such as ABI/INFORM Complete, Business Source Premier, Plunkett Research Online, Simmons National Consumer Survey, MarketLine Advantage, ScienceDirect College Edition. Still need help? Not sure which database is best for your research? You can always consult with a librarian. Even when the library is closed, you can email any question to us. Our reference librarians will usually get back to you within 2 business days, most of the time a lot quicker.


Many institutions use the Web as the platform offering vast amount of data to marketers and other professionals. Here is a short list to start.

eStats - Vast amount of data produced by The United States Census Bureau ClickZ - Data from all over the world DoubleClick by Google - For business small and big to gain an edge in this digital world Nielsen - A leader in consumer research


Worth mentioning - There is a Business Research Library located in Dickinson Hall on Hackensack campus. This gem of the FDU library system has a main emphasis on many areas of business including advertising and marketing, finance and accounting, business law and ethics, and international business, etc.




Sean Chen


Summer 2016