Legal Research and Writing Research Guide

Selected Library Resources

Articles on the law or on legal topics can also be selected in the Nexis Uni (also known as Lexis Advanced or the New Jersey Law Journal. Subject-specific databases that may be of special interest include Criminal Justice Abstracts with Full Text. CQ Researcher and Legal Information Research Center, may also cover relevant topics.

Nexis Uni

Nexis Uni (formerly Lexis Nexis Academic) also makes it possible to search legal cases.

You can search by case citation, by court, circuit, state or practice area.


To Shepardize a case, enter the citation of the case. When the case it brought up there will be a button Labeled "Shepardize this document" along with citing decisions.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar allows cases to be searched. At the bottom of the main screen, select "Case Law" and enter your terms. You can then select the court which you are researching.

Results can be limited by date and also sort by relevance. Below each entry is listed the number of times a case has been cited. Clicking on that will list the cases which have cited the original case. To the left of the entry will be horizontal bars which will indicate the degree of relevance which the case bears to the original. Three bars has the greatest relevance and one bar the least.

Selected Web Resources