Giovatto Library Basics


 Reference Services and User Guidance

·         This is the heart and soul of the library function.

·         Reference librarians are always on duty when the library is open.

·         Reference librarians are like professors outside classrooms.

·         We offer library instructions tailored to specific student groups.

·         We can help you develop strategies for your class assignment, research project, etc.

·         We can help you locate information in a timely fashion.

·         We can help you overcome fear of technologies or culture differences.


Computer Access

·         About 50 desktop computers throughout the library (Requires FDU Novell login).

·         Complete Wi-Fi coverage in the whole library building (Requires FDU webmail account).

·         Laptops and tablets are available for rent at the circulation desk.

·         Printing is available in black and white as well as color.

          We even have a 3D printer. (Contact the library staff for access)


Material on Site

·         Over 150,000 books in print format

·         Hundreds of titles on reserve - most of them are textbooks placed on reserve by our    teaching faculty

·         Dozens of current newspapers, magazines, and journals

·         Over 3000 DVD titles



Resources in Digital Content 

·         This part of the library never closes and remains accessible to you 24/7.

·         There are over 100 different electronic databases available via the library website (Off-campus access requires FDU webmail account)

·         Over 100,000 e-books from our online catalog (Off-campus access requires FDU webmail account)


There are many more resources and services in our library than a few paragraphs can cover. We would like you to use this basic guide as a starting point for further exploration of the Frank Giovatto Library. You might want to: 

 - Check out our website on the Internet

-Visit us on Facebook

 - Visit us at 980 Library Circle, Teaneck, NJ 07666