French Language and Literature Research Guide

Learning any language involves the senses of sight, hearing and speaking. One must see the words and learn the grammar, hear the correct proununciation and be able to speak the words intelligibly.

Let us begin with seeing the words

The following are a few of the titles available at the Giovatto Library which can assist in learning the written language and can be found by going to and clicking on Search Library Catalog on the left side of the page:

Basic conversational French [by] Julian Harris [and] Andre Lev^eque PC2121 .H26 1962

French the easy way / Christopher Kendris  PC2129.E5 K43 1996

Francais ecrit, francais parle/ Aurelien Sauvageot PC2073 .S3

Electronic books are also available – for example:

A student grammar of French by  Malcolm Offord PC2112 .O34 2006eb

To access an e-book, click on the title of the book. A link will appear which says Click to access from FDU campus or to log in using FDU Webmail ID and password. If you are on campus, simply click on the link which will take you to the book. On the left, click on Available for Online Reading. If you are off campus, a screen will come up asking for a user name and password. This is your webmail ID and password.

To hear the correct pronunciation of French, audio books, CDs and DVDs are a great help. Our audiobook collection has an edition of All-Audio Italian. This can be accessed through the Online Library. Click on e-books and audiobooks, then click on EBSCO Audiobook Collection. Enter the term “French” and you will be taken to the entry for the book.

Our collection also houses physical audio books on CD-Rom. These include:

French by Howard Beckerman. PC2121 .B425 2000

Ultimate French beginner-intermediate.  PC2065 .U58 2009                                                                                    

 Advanced French  PC2065 .A48 2008

These are available at the Circulation Department.

In the Periodicals Department  you will find the trade magazine Paris-Match  and  a number of periodical in French are available through Lexis Nexis Academic on the Online Library. These include:

Le Figaro and Le Monde 



Now that you have mastered the language, it is time to begin reading literature in Italian . Some of the great authors in our collection include.

Honore de Balzac (1799-1850) La Cousine Bette PQ2165 .C5 2006

Emile Zola (1840-1902) Nana  PQ2510 .E5 1930                                                               Marcel Proust  (1877-1922) A la recherche du temps perdu  PQ2631.R63 A7 1954

Alexandre Dumas, pere (1802-1870) 
Les trois mousquetaires. PQ2228 .A1 1937

Bonne chance!


 Paul Dunphy

Jan. 2016