Environmental Science Research Guide


Environmental science is a multidisciplinary field, which interweaves with many academic studies, such as geology, ecology, business, biology, zoology, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, social psychology, political science, criminal justice, and much more. Have you ever studied in this area, the first thing you need is to find something that is interesting to you – a good topic.

A few good places for you to search for topics:

World Book, book, call number: Ref AE5 .W55 2013

Encyclopedia of Environmental Science, book, call number: Ref GE10 .M66 2000

Environmental and energy law, e-book, call number: K3981 .E58 2012eb, check FDU online catalog

Environmental policy and public health air pollution, global climate change, and wilderness, e-book, call number: RA566 .R66 2012eb, check FDU online catalog

Governing the air the dynamics of science, policy, and citizen interaction, e-book, call number: TD883.7.E85 G68 2011eb, check FDU online catalog

Hint: Books with similar topics are placed in the same area on shelves. Use call numbers to track them down.

CQ Researcher, database. Click on Browse Reports and select By topics. Under the topics like Environment and Natural Resources or Environment, Climate and Natural Resources, or Energy, you will find many interesting topics that worth your study.

Credo Reference, database. Click on Find Topic Pages, then select A-Z.

In the database, ScienceDirect College Edition, it presents 25 hottest articles under many subjects including the environmental science.

Hint: Still need help with your topics? You can always consult with a librarian.


Due to the multidisciplinary nature of  environmental science, you can research many topics using our comprehensive, multi-subject databases, such as

Academic Search Premier

LexisNexis Academic

ProQuest Research Library

ScienceDirect College Edition



The United States government plays a major role in many environmental issues. Avast amount of information is available from many government websites.



National and local environmental websites


Keep an open mind as you conduct research on any topic in the environmental science. There are many other places you can find valuable information beyond the list above.


                                                                                    Sean Chen, Librarian, Giovatto Library, FDU, June 2013